The end of the year is coming, and people are making posts about the art they created in 2020. I thought I should complete one full-fledged, original, 3D scene. How about putting my new droid-ship in an environment? Here I just tested making a quick environment just to see if I could put my model in it, pose it, light it, and get all those basics working before I make a more deliberate and involved environment. Here, while the droid-ship is at an angle, all of its movable parts are in their default position. So, there’s quite a lot of room to add more complexity and interest.

A really nice thing about working this way — creating complex, posable 3D models — is that I can then use them in multiple images, in different poses, at different angles, with different lighting, etc. I like the idea of doing an animation, but all the rounded edges cost me a lot in extra vertices, which means it takes more computer power to render an image. For now I’ll just make some still images. Even this test one is good, and it suggest motion and a backstory. He looks a lot like a superhero cascading down the face of a building or other large structure.

~ Eric Wayne

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