View inside a rectangle wall-papered with blueprints of the Enterprise

Taking a break from my tutorials and practicing the fledgling skills I’ve picked up so far. Can I pull off the enterprise? I THINK I can. Worth a try.

First thing was finding some blueprints. I cut them out in Photoshop, and then arranged them in Blender. They form a hollow rectangle, but it doesn’t need to be done that way. I just thought it looked kinda’ cool.

I will build the Enterprise within that box, but the box will be invisible most the time. Normally I will only see it in “orthographic” mode — that’s straight on, from front, back, top, side, or bottom — but I enabled it to show up in perspective must for the visual. You can see the boxes checked in the panel at the right, above.

And one more fun view:

I don’t have an underside view, and either side view is identical so I only need one.

The blueprints don’t match up exactly, so I’ll be doing some eyeballing and rough guesses. I’m also not going to do the fine details, such as the lettering or tiny lights. I don’t know how to do that yet. It’s just going to be a base model.

I used a free program called PureRef to arrange some reference images on the fly:

I’ve always loved the original Enterprise, so this should be a fun project. While researching some references I found this classic pic:

There’s no competing with the original! I mean, not only did they make it physically, they designed it as well.

Check out the original concept designs:

The disc is starting to happen:


Made more progress on the disc. Going on a short trip so won’t be able to finish it ’till next week.

Stay tuned…

~ Ends

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