She’s coming along. Since my last post I’ve painted some large branches in the middle background, and some lighting and shading. There’s lots more to do, including adding texture to the branches to make them more convincing. Near the end I paint over whatever I want, and however I want, but right now I’m working up through various stages. Lighting and shading are on their own separate levels, for example. So, if I want to change shading I alter that level. In the end I just work on a top level over everything, and that’s when I can really make it shine. Below is the original drawing.

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4 replies on “WIP: Update on Stick Woman

  1. If she is turning into a tree, like Daphne, I want some green leaves. I am, you know, very fond of leaves but, more importantly, a tree is not a tree without leaves except for the winter hibernation and who would turn into a sleeping tree? Turning into a stick – stick women – that’s not very romantic. But, she is lovely. How about green eyes?

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    1. All good suggestions, thanks. I think it’s winter there. It doesn’t have the happy Spring feel about it. Or not yet. Maybe Spring has just started and she’s woken up. I’ll experiment with different iris colors,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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