I Photo-shopped these anti-lock-down protest signs. If you missed part 1, clickity-clack, or see it again at the bottom of this post.

I explained a bit how I changed the signs in the previous post, so I’ll spare you the redundancy, but I’ll just give just a wee kiss of politics this time, not enough to make anyone gag.

I am not entirely unsympathetic to the protesters here, and I’m just having some fun. While I maintain that the least we can do is wear masks and observe social distancing — and better yet stay inside until science says it’s the right time to go out again — people are getting desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. It’s not their fault their life’s savings and their livelihood are being squandered on slowing the spread of a virus courtesy of a still-mysterious source in China. For most Americans the financial devastation is worse than getting the virus, though of the cases so far in America where there is an outcome fully a whopping 29% ended in death. The benchmark of a million cases is already over 130,000 cases in the past. My issue with the protesters is that by not wearing masks nor taking proper precautions they seriously risk compounding the problem.

Since at least one person misread my statement about 29% of cases with an outcome in America leading to death, here’s a handy chart from Worldometer.]

I don’t know how the government can expect people to stay shut in if they aren’t helping them out financially. Tens of millions are newly unemployed and awaiting their stimulus checks. Had the government handled this better, they might have a lot more faith and tolerance. It’s a lot to ask people to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole when the reason this virus is in America is the heads of the CCP put themselves above their citizens and the world, as did the WHO, and most of the most significant players. So, it’s just up to the little people to be altruistic and put others before themselves, I guess. That said, the protesters are on the slippery slope between not sacrificing themselves for others and sacrificing others for themselves.

One can have liberty and not have COVID 19. I’ll take option 3.

More than 65,000 deaths is not “crying wolf”.

I don’t like the idea of Jesus being squose into a syringe. Not one bit!

People seem befuddled a bit, as if they were under some foreign occupying power, not cooperating in order to fight a foreign, occupying, powerful virus. It’s the virus that the authorities are trying to contain, not the people. Unless you listen to David Icke’s conspiracy crap, in which case, well, there are also reptile aliens living in the hollow moon.

I guess a lie has killed nearly 240,000 people worldwide. There was no moon landing, the Earth is flat, and there are worm people living in holes in the ground!! I can year the cuckoo singing in the cuckoo berry tree.

Leave the Beaver-Ranch open, I say. Indiana has over 18,000 cases and 1,000 deaths. Had they over-reached earlier, those numbers could have slashed a digit or two.

There’s a bit of a red herring going on here with the rights and freedom angle. The intent is NOT to take away people’s rights, but merely to do what is necessary to insure the public safety, and avert catastrophe. These people aren’t fighting dictatorship, they are fighting communal participation in fighting a deadly virus.

When we are talking about a refusal to wear masks, we are talking about the “freedom” to spread the virus. The woman seems similarly confused, because the issue is protecting other peoples’ bodies if she is infected. If they want to expose themselves to the virus, they can go lick some handrails. Nobody is stopping their freedom to do that with their bodies. They are being asked to cooperate so they don’t infringe on other peoples’ freedom to not be infected by the virus. These are opposite things. Their argument is the same as saying not being able to smoke in a crowded elevator takes away their freedom to do what they want with their own bodies.

I guess I should interject this graph which is really helpful for dispelling the arguments about how there’s more deaths from the flu, car crashes, cancer, and heart disease. Look at the red line below, and you can see about how many more weeks people can still make that argument. It was only still true for heart disease for about a few days after this chart was made. The problem is that COVID-19 is accelerating.  The argument that other causes of death in the US are greater is like saying, “My Honda Civic is driving faster than that jet”. Well, that was indeed true when the jet was taxiing in the runway.  It’s currently at 400 mph and climbing. The only reason the numbers aren’t much higher already is the quarantine measures already in place.

Many of these protesters think they are fighting in the name of freedom, but if their protests backfire and the virus gets the upper hand, than they will have merely slammed everyone else’s freedom, and the freedom of civilization to function. It’s an all-or-nothing gamble, and I’d rather put my money on the scientists and medical professionals to do things calmly, rationally, and based on all the best research and evidence.

Funny Protest Signs Reveal Part 1: Before and After Photoshopping


Whole lotta’ Photoshop goin’ on here, folks.

Above you can see a few different techniques I used to change the signs. In the upper left sign, I cut and past their written letters to make new words and the opposite meaning. Bottom left sign I approximated their font to add more text. And in the sign on the right I cut and paste their font to make new words. Of course I have to tweak out the perspective on fonts to make them appear correctly on the signs.

You can also see how I thought of what to change signs to. A lot of it is whatever their signs already suggest, and what letters they used that I could rearrange. It was easy to get DANCING out of DISTANCING, and then I thought to throw in MACARANA.

Above, I had to recreate the writing.  Her text doesn’t have a V, U, or S.

With the COMMIE VIRUS sign, I created the graphic, and I had to create new letters with the A and D that don’t appear in the original text. For example, I made the D our of the R. It’s drawing  the letter to appear like a real font.

In the signs above I rearranged and recreated their hand written letters. One is a little subtle. In the partially obscured sign that says “THE LOCKDOWN” on it, I changed the half of a D to a half C plus a K for “…CK LOCKDOWN”.

These kids know a lot more about the constitution than I did when I was their age, or perhaps even now. Somehow I rather think that if I had a contagious case of flesh-eating virus, these folk wouldn’t support my constitutional right to go out and spread it to them. By their logic you can’t quarantine anyone, even, without violating their rights.

I changed for signs in the pic above. One I just switched out the sign entirely with my own text and font, reading, “HELP CHINA DEFEAT AMERICA”. I still don’t know what NESARA is.

For this one I found the closest font I could, changed the words, and tweaked them out to fit on the sign. I think I lucked out and it was either the same exact font, or something nearly identical.

I didn’t just copy-past letters here, or in most of them: I had to distort and recreate them in parts so they didn’t look copy-pasted. I’m sure I took the SC in FASCIST  to make the SC in SCIENCE, but the letters look plausibly different. The sign belonging to the lady in the background had way too much text for me to bother splicing up, or working over, so I just put in a portrait of Xi Jinping.

Above is another case of using their letters in their handwriting as the impetus to come up with something else, which I thought was funny.

Stay tuned for Part 02 with the remaining 9 images.

~ Ends

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5 replies on “Funny Protest Signs Reveal, Part 2: Before and After Photoshopping

  1. I’m going to be a bit critical on your writing today. Hope you’re ok with that? I do want to apologize for it before I get into it. 😁

    The artwork of changing the signs isn’t my cup of tea (in art), but it’s a good display of your skills. That part I won’t criticize, in fact I think you did a good job with that. You amaze me with your digital skills.

    The criticism: 29% of people in America ended in death? In America? In the last 40 something days? Wow! I Truly missed this pandemic and I must have failed in math class too.

    It’s the fearmongering over a controllable virus that I take issue with. The political agenda that I can feel from your writing that pokes fun of people who are sick & tired of this Quarantine. They’ve lost their livelihoods; they may in fact now be homeless. Was it worth torching the economy?

    After checking today’s numbers in Florida where nearly 23 million people live; we now have 35,000 cases of Coronavirus. The professional football stadium in Jacksonville Florida (Jaguars) nearly seats 70,000 people.

    Only half the stadium can be filled with infected people when you put it into a visual perspective. That’s not a pandemic. The death count in Florida is currently at 1,314 deaths. I’m not downplaying anybody’s death or the deaths of their family members.

    That would mean of those 35,000 people, 3,500 would have died just to reach a 10% mark. That’s only ten percent. We aren’t even close to those numbers and if we were…yep definitely need to Quarantine.

    Yes, there’s obviously a high number of deaths even at 1,315 from those 35,000 infections. Because everyones life is important. But once again you’re ignoring the rest of the 22.7 MILLION people just in Florida.

    Never in the history of America have we Quarantined the healthy. The first 30 days the government wasn’t sure what they had here. It was understandable to shut it all down and figure it out. But fast forward to today, there’s an extremely high chance that IF you catch this virus, you will recover from it. The numbers prove it.

    If you’re afraid of the virus, stay home. Wear a mask outside if you feel better (probably the smart thing to do). I have an underlying condition and will remain inside my home (personally). But the healthy need to go live their lives. We talked about this last time, what’s an acceptable time frame to keep everyone on lockdown?

    The answer is it’s never acceptable, wear PPE indoors. Outdoors in hot climates, you won’t catch this, but you certainly won’t catch it maintaining 6ft distances.

    Healthy American citizens will not be prisoners in there own homes. The media’s perception of this current doomsday is bullcrap. The numbers just don’t add up.

    But if you wish to remain away from the public by all means do so. I will be inside my home and I’ve been doing it for years now. Wear a mask if you want to. Don’t wear a mask if you want to (but know you might catch the virus if you risk yourself).

    But those people who are not afraid, you shouldn’t badger them from wanting to live their lives. They risk only themselves as we do everyday in this world. You are in no danger from them if you wear PPE and wash yourself. But you can remain healthy and virus free simply from wearing PPE. I think this part is proven.

    End of criticism. Sorry but I felt compelled to add logic without the political scare tactics and I do believe (at least where I live) the majority of people also see it this way. It’s time to re-open America.


    1. Hi Matt:

      “The criticism: 29% of people in America ended in death? In America? In the last 40 something days? Wow! I Truly missed this pandemic and I must have failed in math class too.”

      I think you just didn’t read very carefully. This is what I said, “though of the cases so far in America where there is an outcome fully a whopping 29% ended in death.”

      And here’s the source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

      I need to put that chart in the post if people are going to misunderstand what I said. I’ll read the rest later.


        1. No biggie. This situation is taxing everyone to the max, and I don’t always write as clearly as the topic demands, or in general.

          No prob. That will cut me a wee bit of slack the next time I stick my foot in my mouth.


    2. Hi again:

      Let me just tackle the rest of your comment, now, so I don’t haLet me just tackle the rest of your comment, now, so I don’t have it hanging over me.

      You wrote, “It’s the fearmongering over a controllable virus that I take issue with.”

      I see no “fear-mongering”, or panic, or hysteria. Masks, social distancing, and quarantine are clinical methods completely devoid of emotion. It’s as hysterical as putting a lid on a petri-dish. It could hardly be less to do with fear. And these are precisely the techniques that enabled Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea to nip the virus in the bud and get back to normal. They learned there from their brush with SARS 1. This is SARS 2.

      “That’s not a pandemic”.

      You don’t get to make up your own definitions. I mean, you can, but don’t expect the rest of the world to use them. Here’s the definition from Wikipedia (and I can quote a dozen other sources if you that doesn’t satisfy you).

      “A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people… Current pandemics include HIV/AIDS and the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.”

      You wrote, “Never in the history of America have we Quarantined the healthy.”

      In this instance the problem is that people are infected and don’t show symptoms. Most of the rest of the world is doing the exact same thing. It’s pure science, and it’s what works. So, it’s not about who’s sick, but about who is infected, and we can’t really tell. When too many cases start snowballing, then we either hope for herd immunity and build ditches for the dead, or we practice quarantine until we can get it under control. The government F’d up by not tackling this very early on, and the people are paying the consequences. It is the government’s fault, but it is not a conspiracy to take away people’s freedom, and freedom is not really the issue. It’s just how the hell to stop the disease. Without quarantine, what would have happened to NY?

      And you think 35,000 cases in Florida is nothing. The whole world got infected in several months starting from ONE person in Wuhan, China. You have more cases than all of America had on March 22. You have more cases than the whole wold had on February 7th.

      On January 22nd there were 580 cases in the world, and now there are 3,400,000

      “We talked about this last time, what’s an acceptable time frame to keep everyone on lockdown?” Who’s scared of having 35,000 cases when 580 soared to over 3 million is just over 3 months? Each early case blossomed into over 5,800 cases. You talk as if those 35,000 cases are stagnant. Your cases are actually going down. Guess why. The horrible quarantine. But what would the alternative have been? Would Florida be the only place on Earth where the virus miraculously killed 1,300 people and then just got bored and wandered off?

      The government has already established how long to wait to open as 2 weeks of subsiding numbers. That’s their metric, and the protesters outside in groups without masks threaten that time period.

      “Healthy American citizens will not be prisoners in there own homes.”

      They are not prisoners in their homes, and this isn’t about rights or freedom.

      You wrote, “But those people who are not afraid, you shouldn’t badger them from wanting to live their lives.”

      This is not about fear, this is about intelligently doing what the scientists say we should do, and what has worked and is working in other countries – in reality – to combat the virus.

      “But you can remain healthy and virus free simply from wearing PPE. I think this part is proven.”

      I already gave you links and stats about the number of health-care professionals who are getting sick.

      “Sorry but I felt compelled to add logic without the political scare tactics and I do believe (at least where I live) the majority of people also see it this way. It’s time to re-open America.”

      It’s time to listen to science, the best experts, and model our approach after what is working in other countries who are handling this much more intelligently. It is definitely not time to sabotage quarantine and have to repeat the process. The government dropped the ball, but we don’t have to face-plant on top of it deliberately out of stubborn spite.

      It’s not about “political scare tactics” or “fear mongering” or being afraid. It’s about how to stop an actual pandemic from utterly devastating the country. Do we listen to science or conservative commentators?

      Here’s a hint. If we’d listened to scientists warning us (oh, I’m sorry, I mean having a hysterical fit) about the very real risks of a virus jumping the species barrier, infecting humans, and causing a pandemic, we wouldn’t be in this mess. We listened to conservative think tanks (not that I can stand the liberal think tank bullshit for a second), instead of science. That was our mistake, and many American are now wanting, no demanding, that we do it again.

      As I said a long time ago, I readily admit I can be wrong. I can’t predict the future, and this is a bit of a new situation. It’s far beyond my knowledge to grapple with, which is why I defer to the real experts. Let’s see what happens in the future. I would be very happy to be wrong, and that we can all go outside and back to work as usual, with some PPE, and everything will be good enough.

      That would be wonderful. But it might be a fantasy.

      Now back to work.

      Take it easy.

      Liked by 1 person

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