Whole lotta’ Photoshop goin’ on here, folks.

Above you can see a few different techniques I used to change the signs. In the upper left sign, I cut and past their written letters to make new words and the opposite meaning. Bottom left sign I approximated their font to add more text. And in the sign on the right I cut and paste their font to make new words. Of course I have to tweak out the perspective on fonts to make them appear correctly on the signs.

You can also see how I thought of what to change signs to. A lot of it is whatever their signs already suggest, and what letters they used that I could rearrange. It was easy to get DANCING out of DISTANCING, and then I thought to throw in MACARANA.

Above, I had to recreate the writing.  Her text doesn’t have a V, U, or S.

With the COMMIE VIRUS sign, I created the graphic, and I had to create new letters with the A and D that don’t appear in the original text. For example, I made the D our of the R. It’s drawing  the letter to appear like a real font.

In the signs above I rearranged and recreated their hand written letters. One is a little subtle. In the partially obscured sign that says “THE LOCKDOWN” on it, I changed the half of a D to a half C plus a K for “…CK LOCKDOWN”.

These kids know a lot more about the constitution than I did when I was their age, or perhaps even now. Somehow I rather think that if I had a contagious case of flesh-eating virus, these folk wouldn’t support my constitutional right to go out and spread it to them. By their logic you can’t quarantine anyone, even, without violating their rights.

I changed for signs in the pic above. One I just switched out the sign entirely with my own text and font, reading, “HELP CHINA DEFEAT AMERICA”. I still don’t know what NESARA is.

For this one I found the closest font I could, changed the words, and tweaked them out to fit on the sign. I think I lucked out and it was either the same exact font, or something nearly identical.

I didn’t just copy-past letters here, or in most of them: I had to distort and recreate them in parts so they didn’t look copy-pasted. I’m sure I took the SC in FASCIST  to make the SC in SCIENCE, but the letters look plausibly different. The sign belonging to the lady in the background had way too much text for me to bother splicing up, or working over, so I just put in a portrait of Xi Jinping.

Above is another case of using their letters in their handwriting as the impetus to come up with something else, which I thought was funny.

Stay tuned for Part 02 with the remaining 9 images.

~ Ends

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