The protests continue to rage in America, with freedom-loving individuals fighting the evil overlords in order to ruin the quarantine and help insure the virus spreads as widely as possible. People on the other side of the debate can’t protest in the street themselves because that would mean spreading the virus. What we can do is poke fun at the other side with photo-manipulated signs.

Since my first perplexing signs post, I’ve done some more research, and heard from others on both sides of the debate. Let me get one thing out of the way first with a handy line chart that helps counter several very common arguments.

Dr. Phil, and others, claim that car crashes, heart disease, cancer, and even drowning cause more deaths per year, or even weekly, than does SARS-2 (note that the virus is SARS-2 and Covid-19 is the associated disease), and we aren’t shutting down the country because of them! The problem with the car crashes or seasonal flu argument is they are comparing a year to a few months, and SARS-2 at its current pace with easily eclipse their numbers. And while people still die of heart disease more per week than with Covid-19, that’s only because Covid-19 just got out of the starting gate. It will easily overtake heart disease and become the number one cause of death, per week, within a week. Dr. Phil’s argument is like saying, “Your Tabby is BIGGER than my tiger cub, so I don’t see why I won’t be able to let it roam free in another year!”

A lot of people are framing the argument as if it’s really about civil liberties, or the right to freely assemble. They have a point that they can’t freely assemble under quarantine, and that the constitution guarantees this right. However, they thoroughly miss the point that the quarantine is NOT intended in the least to curtail their freedom, but simply to protect the public safety and save lives. If a beach closes because a group of great white sharks is feeding in the area, it does restrict people’s movement and stop them from swimming, but not because it’s trying to control them and make them into a class of mindless, automaton, subservient proletarians: it’s so their children don’t get eaten alive.

You couldn’t contain any virus without curtailing someone’s freedom to mill about. China could have nipped the virus in the bud in Wuhan if they’d acted quickly, instead of throwing a 10,000 family banquet after the infections had already started. But they couldn’t have stopped it, even if there were no lies and coverup, without forcing infected people into isolation. Masks, social-distancing, and quarantine are the reason we don’t have a SARS 1 or Ebola epidemic in America. The freedom to not cooperate with medical science is the reason measles are back.

I don’t have much tolerance for the people who are out there because they believe David Icke that there is no Covid-19, and the goal is to give us jabs filled with nanotechnology microchips that will control our minds and make us meekly obey our new, globalist masters.

I might have tinkered with his coiffure in Photoshop. Click to go to my article about his Covid-19 wingnuttery.

I’m also tired of the people still regurgitating the “it’s just a cold” mantra, even after 42,000 deaths in America. The people I do sympathize with are those who are themselves at great risk because they’ve run out of money and can’t survive without work. Sooner or later most of us will be in that same situation, and it’s as little as a matter of months or weeks. I’m sure I”m not alone in having already calculated how long I can last without an influx of money, and saw the end is clearly in sight. The shut down has to end at some point, or we’ll all end up jobless and homeless.

It’s all about listening to the epidemiologists, virologists, and other scientific experts, as well as economists and even historians (the controversy over quarantine versus civil liberties goes all the way back to the black plague)… We can’t just git out our guns because Alex Jones went on a rant about “authoritarian lock-down” and ruin the quarantine for everyone, so that we need to extend or repeat it. Let me just substantiate my suspicion and see what Alex Jones is up to.

Here’s what he’s yelling:


Nice vehicle, Alex.

And that’s one of the enervating things about these protests. While the protestors want to be freed from lock-down, because they are breaking it they may cause the RO (infectious rate) of the virus to go up, which will produce the opposite effect of what they want, and for all of us.

In order to get back out of quarantine and get to work, we have to do it intelligently, not run out prematurely, gather in screaming groups, shoulder to shoulder, and without wearing masks. We can look to what the countries that are the most successful at combating the virus are doing. and learn from them. South Korea got it’s first case, mid-January, on the same day as the U.S.. They did civil-liberty busting robust measures to stop the virus in its tracks, and they now have less than 11,000 cases and less than 300 deaths. We have nearly 793,000 cases, and over 42,500 deaths.

Hong Kong, which shares a border with China, and sealed that border, now has just 1,024 cases, and 4 deaths. Taiwan has 422 cases and 6 deaths.

Those countries didn’t trust the Chinese Communist Party, and they took very strong and immediate measures to stop the virus. Their citizens weren’t out in the streets waving flags demanding their freedom from authoritarian rule. I haven’t heard anything to suggest those countries are now under greater authoritarian control because of the early, stringent measures that were taken to stop the virus.

If Americans can’t cooperate with a quarantine, than having one is useless. Consider that months ago only a handful of people in one city in Wuhan, China had this virus. Now it’s spread to the whole world. So, if hundreds or thousands of American-style vigilante wingnuts refuse to cooperate, well, they sabotage the rest of us.

Some argue for building “herd immunity” and letting the virus rip though the country, taking the weak and those “with one foot in the grave to begin with”. We haven’t seen that approach work anywhere, but we have seen the opposite approach employed by countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea work extremely well.

My opinion is that people should stay put until we figure out the best way forward, and when it is time to go out to do it wisely and cooperate with the scientific community. True, the financial devastation of the lock-down can be worse for most people than getting the disease. However, by going out early, or gambling on “herd immunity” we risk repeat lock-down, or unforeseen even greater financial harm.

Of course, I’m no expert and am not 100% what the best thing is to do. I’m only skating in around 85%. If I’m wrong, feel free to tell me in the coming months. I’ll admit it. I’d rather everyone getting out and going back to a normal life was the best tactic, but it strikes me as a very dangerous fantasy issuing from the likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Rush Limbaugh, and people who can’t be arsed to wear masks or observe social distancing.

See the updated article with 9 more images here: I May Have Altered These 18 Anti-Quarantine Signs

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10 replies on “Anti-lock-down Protest Signs Perplexing, Part 2

  1. My first reaction is one of total disbelief! Are these people serious? Have they lost their minds? Then in retrospect, perhaps I’m suffering from perspective blindness. I live in Canada, where the virus situation and the self-isolating of the public is perhaps socially and economically less straining than in the U.S. Here, the Government has made emergency funds quick and available to almost everyone, including the general public or common citizen. Anyone who has been financially effected by the virus or the call for isolation can apply online for monetary top-offs and I mean anyone!

    They did this on a wide scale, in lieu of the social lock-down as incentive to cooperate in the flattening of the curve. They are even willing to pay 70% of employee wages at this time, incentives to keep the unemployment rates down and have temporarily banned rental or non-mortgage payment evictions. Their goal is to make sure everyone has at least enough money for monthly groceries so isolating is not a financial burden.

    Hence there is no protests here, no urgent call for ending the recommendations from our health- scientists who have complete control over the do’s and don’t s of this pandemic — politically unabated. All Trudeau is doing, is while making his daily briefings, making more money available each day to fill in whatever gaps that need filling. And to reiterate what the Pandemic Health experts are advising.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not comparing our political systems here though they are much different. I’m trying to show how perspectives and situations in other countries (not just the US) can be easily misjudged or criticized when in comparison to your own. If the American public is not privy to the same kind of financial prop-ups as I have spoke of then the situation for them becomes understandably more dire.

    When their money eventually runs out, and a do or die situation becomes reality what then? What will happen when large sections of the population become jobless, hungry and unable to pay their rent. Will desperation lead to unconformity, anarchy, perhaps even rioting and total social breakdown? Wouldn’t the same, under the same circumstances, happen here? It’s all a matter of perspective.


    1. Right. I completely sympathize with the people who are opposing quarantine because they are going broke. However, going out without a mask, and quite likely spreading the virus is very likely to make the situation worse, even sabotaging the quarantine so we need another lock-down. Canada and a lot of countries have handled it better.

      The thing about the protestors, though, is they aren’t protesting for more relief, but fighting against their perception that this is about “freedom”, in which case they flaunt their “freedom” by not wearing a mask. This may be a terrible lesson for some of them, when they infect their families, and contrary to their conviction that it can’t hurt them, someone they really care about gets critically ill or dies.

      I still maintain we should model what we are doing after the countries that are winning the fight against covid 19. None of them, however, are doing the experiment American citizens are now forcing the country to undertake.

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  2. Interesting read. I hope it’s ok to disagree with your writing? I disagree because of the way and at the time this virus was presented to the public as having no treatment, no hope of surviving it, etc. That it would overwhelm the hospitals and the doctors and millions of people will die. Unfortunately, this has become a political issue as well and as usual.

    But I know that in the past, Americans have always Quarantined the sick away from the healthy. Today, we are Quarantining both the healthy and the sick. Initially, this was done because they didn’t exactly know what they’re dealing with. But over the past 30 days, it appears that only portions of the country are being affected and honestly the media has magnified the numbers to scare the crap out of everyone.

    This is a real virus. It is treatable and it does effect people differently. We’ve seen people over the age of ninety get over it; while people in their 20s and 30s have died. The federal government asked the public to Quarantine until May 1st. But Americans are a free people and during this time we’ve witnessed massive pockets across the country of “government overreach”. I saw a video where a Police Officer told a pastor that “his rights were suspended” and that the government has the right to suspend his “constitutional rights” in the name of “public health”.

    Now Americans are going to take issues with things like this. There are Governors telling businesses what they can and cannot sell. Americans don’t like being told how to make their money that pays the bills.

    Once the federal government rescinds its National Disaster, each State governor will have to make those same decisions. Which States will continue to keep their people on lockdown and which states will follow the federal government’s decision of lifting the lockdown? We will see. But here’s where we differ about this virus.

    It was reported that 600 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier were tested positive for the virus and yet had no symptoms. If this is true, we are only prolonging the inevitable. Much like the flu, if there are asymptomatic people, we will never be rid of this. So what is an acceptable approach to this problem?

    In my opinion, in areas that aren’t having huge numbers of this virus, (which is a whole lot of this country) healthy people should be able to work and provide for their families. People who have compromised immune systems and that are vulnerable should keep away from the public. A bit of common sense is needed here.

    But initially, the government didn’t have a clue with what they were dealing with and that meant overwhelmed hospitals, large death tolls, etc. So the first month of Quarantine was crucial, second month ok…in the areas most affected. A third month or fourth month of total Quarantine? Absolutely not.

    Now I realize there are many opinions on this matter. This was only my opinion and as an artist, all my shows are cancelled, my income has stopped, and my business dangles in the wind. I need a strong economy for people to buy trivial things like artwork. But what is life without these wonderful challenges?😁


    1. Let’s make a deal. In a month or two when we find out what happens, one or the other of us will tell the other one, “you were right”.

      Your protestors are doing a radical experiment by sabotaging the quarantine, and forcing the “herd immunity” approach. Only Sweden is trying this deliberately. The most successful countries did the opposite approach.

      But, it’s possible that science and what has proven to work may not be as effective as what the protestors, David Icke, Alex Jones, and Rush Limbaugh think is the best course for humanity. The route you want is potentially suicidal. My biggest problem with the protestors is that what they are doing could very well lead to more lockdowns, and more economic devestation.

      You say there are places in America that aren’t infected. There is no state in America with less cases than Wuhan had a few months ago, and from there it spread to the whole world.

      I’ve said all along I’m not sure I’m right, but I don’t see anything other than speculation on the side of opening the flood gates. And everyone who I talk to who is for it assumes that they themselves will not get very sick or die from it.

      There’s a whole lot of fantasy in the protestors, from saying “Jesus is my vaccination” to stunning ignorance of the facts. Fantasy or science? It’s a tough choice, but one the vigilantes in America have made for everyone, and which is also a bid for the 2020 Darwin Award.

      Could work, though. Sweden’s doing it. I’d have held off and NOT sabotaged the quarentine in the name of good old fashioned American freedom to face-plant.

      Let’s see what happens. I can only hope I’m wrong, because if I’m right, your protestors are jeapardising the country in a very serious way, including, of course, the US being not only the most infected country, but the most infected by a staggering amount. That’s the risk.


      1. The protesters are not mine. I make no claim to them. I also don’t follow conspiracy people. So I do not claim them either. I’m not sure what box of people you’ve lumped me into but I’m actually open to logic and common sense. If I gave the impression that I was defending those folks whom I don’t know, I wasn’t. I was only showing you the things I have seen as I’m locked-down in my own house from my perspective.

        I wish I could post this for you to look at but the numbers from John Hopkins University of Medicine has the world numbers for you to view daily. I trust the medical circles. They are matter of fact people.

        Yesterday’s numbers were 2.5 million infected worldwide with 165 thousand deaths worldwide. There were 616 thousand recoveries. Wrap your head around these numbers, and you will see that out of 7.7 billion people, we aren’t in bad shape. My math isn’t that great, but it’s around .01% of the population. They break these numbers down by countries.

        The numbers aren’t reporting to a narrative of extreme Quarantine; however, political theater has claimed these numbers as being low from the Quarantine measures that are being taken. The media has blown everything out of proportion. As someone recently said (I think Bill Maher HBO), “Anything magnified by 1000% will look scary”.

        I’m not sure where you live but the numbers in Florida are relatively low considering the high population. My wife is a nurse at a large hospital and she’s had only a few coronavirus patients during this entire time. None required respirators. In the medical field, they know where these hotspots are and in those cases yes, Quarantine as many as you can. Doctor’s, nurses, and Police will give you straight answers (normally).

        I am a retired Police Officer (and an Army guy) and I keep tabs on Officers in my area and the large city where I used to work at. The numbers of infected are extremely low and I’m speaking of thousands of Officers on the streets in the public realms.

        But, I’ve also seen the areas (not in Florida) where 700 Officers were infected. Obviously, this is a hotspot and Quarantine measures are required.

        I’m only saying that common sense needs to play in here. People have to work to feed their families and three months of Quarantine without any pay will hurt so many people in this country. More so than these coronavirus numbers. And to them, suicide would be enticing.

        You said the route I want is suicide. Just so you’re aware, I’m one of the vulnerable that cannot go into public because of the disease I have. I must stay Quarantined, even away from my wife who is a nurse just to be safe. So, no suicide is not what I want.

        I want logic and common sense to occur. I want an economy that’s strong so I can provide for my five kids (lots of deployments).

        Three or four months of total lockdown for the whole country won’t work (especially if they are seeing asymptomatic people). If this is true, this virus will be with us for many years to come. Portions of the country with healthy people can work. They can maintain social distancing and wear PPE to help keep the spread of the virus. But people need to work.

        That’s all I’m saying. No political agenda, no conspiracies, just the facts.

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        1. Hi. Yeah, I was a bit curt with my last message. It was the end the a long night for me – I spend all day making more parody signs – and I was exhausted. I wanted to respond, but didn’t have the time to do your comment justice. Sorry about that. Your conscientious writing, which probably took some pondering and careful expression, deserved a much better response from me.

          “I wish I could post this for you to look at but the numbers from John Hopkins University of Medicine has the world numbers for you to view daily. I trust the medical circles. They are matter of fact people.”

          I’ve been following that site for months. We may interpret the data differently.

          “Yesterday’s numbers were 2.5 million infected worldwide with 165 thousand deaths worldwide. There were 616 thousand recoveries. Wrap your head around these numbers, and you will see that out of 7.7 billion people, we aren’t in bad shape. My math isn’t that great, but it’s around .01% of the population.”

          That isn’t good news to me, because it could mean we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. I assume you look at the graph of the trajectory of the infections? It’s sky-rocketing. By your stats, if we multiply 99.9 times 165,000, that would give us how many deaths we’d have once everyone is infected (as a hypothetical possibility). [Note, it’s up to 177,445.] Well, that would mean over 66,000,000 people would die. I seriously doubt that result or your numbers are accurate, because there are so many – probably the vast majority – of unconfirmed, asymptomatic cases. Also, the reason the number of infections worldwide is as low as it is may be due to the lock-downs, etc. Only Sweden is experimenting with not taking those measures, though on an individual basis it looks like people are being careful about it far beyond what we might expect in other countries, and it is a first world environment.

          “I’m not sure where you live but the numbers in Florida are relatively low considering the high population.”

          Florida has over 27,000 cases. That’s more than any province in China outside of Hubei (according to their “reporting”). It’s ten times the number the country I’m living in has, and we have three times the population. It’s more than Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan combined.

          And the numbers are rising. On the first of the month Florida had 101 cases. Yesterday it was 867. Without restrictions it might be much higher.

          “My wife is a nurse at a large hospital and she’s had only a few coronavirus patients during this entire time.”

          And thank God, because she’s on the front line, and you are in the second row. This just means it hasn’t spread in your area yet. Hopefully it won’t.

          “But, I’ve also seen the areas (not in Florida) where 700 Officers were infected. Obviously, this is a hotspot and Quarantine measures are required.”

          OK, we are in agreement here. But the question is, do we wait until the shit hits the fan to address the problem, or do we stop it in the catapult? What we see is that health workers and police officers are the most likely to get exposed when the virus takes hold in a community. All I can see here is that your area hasn’t been hit yet.

          “I’m only saying that common sense needs to play in here.”

          Sure, but who’s common sense. Apparently one person’s common sense is another’s lunacy.

          “People have to work to feed their families and three months of Quarantine without any pay will hurt so many people in this country. More so than these coronavirus numbers. And to them, suicide would be enticing.”

          True. I’m not slotted to work again until July. This wasn’t what I wanted to blow all my resources on. The government F’d up big time by not nipping the virus in the bud, and science has known about and predicted this eventuality for more than a decade, so, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, we could have taken the measures to stop the spread in America. But since we didn’t, what the hell do we do now? I’m with you on there needing to be an end to curfew. But, if we open the floodgates now, it could slam the economy even harder and break the system. Lock-down should not last for months. If done probably one month or so should do it. But if you have renegade nut jobs out there doing the worst possible thing, it undermines the quality of the lock-down, essentially ruining it. If enough people disobey it, than it’s futile and just a waste of time and money.

          “You said the route I want is suicide.”

          Could be. I’m not predicting the future. I’m saying that there’s an obvious likelihood that unchecked, the virus will spread like wildfire, completely overwhelm the hospitals, and the resultant pandemonium will make work impossible anyway. It’s like when you take a course of antibiotics. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But, if you abandon it midway, you’re screwed either way, because even if it was working, you are allowing it to come back. It is possible that removing all restrictions, or most of them, will result in utter devastation.

          “I want logic and common sense to occur. I want an economy that’s strong so I can provide for my five kids (lots of deployments).”

          Sure, and there’s the question of how best to achieve and guarantee that. If you and/or your wife get infected because of a lack of preventative measures being practiced in your community, how are you going to provide for your family? If the hospitals are so overwhelmed that you can’t get proper treatment, as happened in China, you could die. So, I want the same outcome for your family that you do, but we disagree on what will make you safe and hopefully prosperous.

          “If this is true, this virus will be with us for many years to come. Portions of the country with healthy people can work. They can maintain social distancing and wear PPE to help keep the spread of the virus. But people need to work.”

          The whole world is working on a vaccine and other treatments. That could curb the virus enough that it isn’t with us on a permanent basis, or for years to come in abundance. I agree that at some point, and the sooner the better, we need to get people working again, assuming it’s not going to backfire and make things even worse. It looks like China opened some cities and had to shut them down again. This is the type thing where you do it right the first time, or you have to go through it again. Yes, people have to work, but if we do a careless thing that isn’t really supported by science, people may not be working again for much longer.

          I’m not advocating an endless lock-down. I want to go back to work myself, and the projected next two months without pay seems excessive, since the virus doesn’t last that long in infected individuals. But when neighbors don’t wear masks, I resent it because their disregard for the public safety can result in forcing the government to impose stricter measures and longer quarantine.

          “That’s all I’m saying. No political agenda, no conspiracies, just the facts.”

          Yes, but it’s all about how we interpret the facts, and what we do with them. The best minds are still trying to figure this out, and the worst are out in the streets spreading the virus with reckless abandon.

          Thanks for the dialogue. I asppreciate your views and how you express them. It’s a rare thing.


          1. Well, to tell you the truth, just having any dialogue whatsoever is good for me.😁 Even my own doctor won’t come near me until this is over (my “nurse” wife too). So dialogues about this are good, even with differences in opinions.

            I haven’t had my coffee yet, so hopefully I don’t come across as an ass.

            We aren’t going to agree on the numbers. I suppose even when they are right there in front of us we will see them differently. It seems we both agree that 3 months or more of Quarantine will not work for a country like ours.

            You’ve also made a lot of comparisons of America compared to other countries whose populations aren’t nearly our size. I’ve been thinking about who I know has this virus or has had it.

            Out of several hundred people that I’m acquainted with, I don’t know anyone…not neighbors, friends, family, distant cousins, not a single person who has this virus. None of these people have even stated if they have loved ones affected by this virus. Not one single please pray for (fill in the blank) who is fighting this virus. And that speaks to my point of overkill.

            Do you know of anyone who has this virus (out of curiosity, not in any disrespectful asking manner)? I’m asking because population sizes do matter. Huh, apparently size does matter🤭.

            So, when you get sick (badly) you have to go to the hospital for treatment. There’s doctors and nurses who will wear PPE and treat you. Notice, that they (doctors & nurses) aren’t heavily infected themselves.

            (Some are) and do get sick, but MOST hospital workers are not sick. Why? These are the people in the front lines, whom are definitely coming into contact with this virus. It’s the careful dawning of PPE that’s keeping them safe. Would you not agree?

            I can only speak from my area, but in your numbers of Florida (my State, which you compared to other countries) you failed to mention the number of people that live here (which is approx 24.5 million people).

            Todays Florida numbers are around 28 thousand infected with 867 deaths. Any death is a terrible thing, but these numbers are extremely low when put into proper perspective based on population size.

            The numbers are going to rise. We both know that. But being infected versus having to be intubated in a hospital, (and then dying from this) are two very different things.

            You believe that people will overwhelm the hospitals, yet, in areas like mine, we don’t see that at all. So what’s wrong with sending people back to work provided they wear PPE and take precautions?

            Even if people who are wearing PPE come into contact with people who are not, chances are, they’ll be fine and hospital workers prove that.

            To me, all this began around Friday 13th, in March (oddly enough). I’m going by the date in which my kids schools were closed. We are now at the end of April. It appears that the May 1st deadline will now extend through June. The dangling carrot has been moved further out once again. I suspect it will continue to do so.

            At what point are we to come out of our homes? Most will be evicted or foreclosed from their homes within the coming weeks anyways. If we were a hotspot where things were looking bad, yes, I could see the need for this blanket Quarantine. But the numbers do not reflect this kind of control.

            Which brings up that American value so many people seem to hate these days. Our Constitutional rights versus… the infamous…in the name of “public health”. We can have both if wearing PPE, wouldn’t you agree?

            No worries about me, I’m staying home even after this is over. I’ve always got to be careful despite what’s going on in the world. I do miss my wife though. And these five kids get on my last nerve 😁. Back to the point of this dialogue.

            What I think I’m failing to get across to you is that people who aren’t sick are financially ruined or becoming financially ruined. That suicide you spoke about, well the government murdered them (figuratively speaking).

            Why can’t they work? Why can’t they wear protective PPE, practice all the CDC guidelines, and do this while working to pay their bills? Why can’t they attend church in parking lots in their own cars? The list goes on.

            Afterall, even the sick & healthy are going to the same grocery. Why is the government dictating what’s essential and what’s not? The government overreach across the country is deafening. And people are pissed, rightfully so.

            Political theater has taken over this pandemic. The media has overblown this and they’ve intentionally destroyed this economy for political purposes. (My opinion but it appears to be accurate).

            A friend of my wife… was GOING to work but needed a few items from the grocery store; she was wearing her scrubs, and was attacked by an ignorant woman who spit on her and tried to blame her for spreading a virus she doesn’t have. There’s currently zero coronavirus patients at her hospital, though they have had a few during this nightmare.

            The nutjob was arrested. But clearly she was convinced that merely wearing scrubs in public is dangerous. Keep in mind, this virus is NOT overwhelming our area, surrounding areas, or even the State (despite your attempt to prove otherwise). So fear was her motivating factor in her mental instability. (A Karen factor x’s 10)

            So yes, we will have to wait, watch, and see. I have yet to find anything that has no political motives or biases when it comes to what your looking for as far as real debates on the matter. If these exist, they have been drowned out by politics.

            I appreciate the dialogue even when we disagree.


            1. Hi again.

              Let me just test something with you. I’ve noticed a strong trend, which I haven’t figured out yet, but most the people who are against quarantine are conservatives (same goes for those who reject anthropomorphic climate change). I’m wondering what the connection is. Any thoughts on that?

              You wrote, “You’ve also made a lot of comparisons of America compared to other countries whose populations aren’t nearly our size.”

              But I compared Florida’s numbers to that of countries, including the one I’m in. You’re got about 10 times the number of infections (according to reported numbers), and a third the population. [Note that I don’t like to publicly talk about where I live these days because, well, only official sources are permitted to speak on the topic of the virus here, and I play it a little safe.] I said Florida has more cases than Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea combined.

              Your underlying argument, if I got it right, is that America has more number simple because it’s got a bigger population. You say Florida has low numbers, so, let me do a little math with the help of a calculator. I’ll round the numbers slightly to make the math easier.

              Florida cases = 28,000 in a population of about 22,000,000. That’s about 1 person in every 790 is infected.

              America cases = 820,000. Population = 329,000,000. That’s 1 in 401 people.

              Now let’s compare that to the countries I mentioned.

              Japan cases = 11,500 cases. Population = 126,000,000. That’s 1 in 11,000.

              Taiwan cases = 426. Population = 23,000,000. That’s 1 in 54,000 people.

              Hong Kong cases = 1,000. Population = 7,500,000. That’s 1 in 7,500.

              South Korea cases = 10,700. Population = 51,000,000. That’s 1 in 4,800.

              Now let’s compare those 4 countries together to America and Florida.

              Total cased for 4 countries = 23,626. Total population = 207,500,000. That’s 1 in 8,800.

              Let’s go 8,800 divided by 400, and the US has 22 times as many cases relative to population. Florida alone, as I said in the last comment, has more cases than those 4 countries put together. Florida has 11 times as many cases relative to the population.

              Those countries kept their numbers way down by using very strong initial tactics. Relative to them, you are sitting in a Petri dish in the calm before the storm.

              “You believe that people will overwhelm the hospitals, yet, in areas like mine, we don’t see that at all.”

              That’s because it hasn’t really infected your area yet. The restrictions on people’s movement is probably the reason. When New York took stronger measures, their numbers started coming down. That doesn’t mean it won’t come to a theater near you. As I’ve said before, you have more cases – in fact drastically more cases – than Wuhan did a few months ago, and it has spread from their around the globe. But you don’t think those numbers could spread within your own state?

              “You believe that people will overwhelm the hospitals, yet, in areas like mine, we don’t see that at all.”

              The virus is too infectious, and until it’s under control, and numbers are dropping, going to work is going to guarantee spreading the virus. I don’t remember the numbers exactly, but the RO (infection rate) needs to get down close to 1 before it’s under control and can’t spread like mad. Where I live we have a curfew and you aren’t allowed in public without a mask, but I can go shopping. Our numbers have gone down and are in the 2 digits per day, and we have 3 times the population of Florida (though I don’t trust the numbers). The numbers were going up, the government got more strict, and the numbers came down. Whether the government gets more strict (and that’s no problem for them) depends on how well the people obey the quarantine willingly.

              “Even if people who are wearing PPE come into contact with people who are not, chances are, they’ll be fine and hospital workers prove that.”

              That doesn’t sound right to me. Let me look this up. 14% of the infected in Spain are medical workers. Looking for US stats. Apparently some states are not collecting that info, including NY. But here’s something from NPR on April 15th, “Nearly 9,300 U.S. health care workers contracted COVID-19, and 27 have died.” However, 84% of infected did not say where they worked, so the numbers of heavily under-counted. In Ohio 20% of the infected are health workers. [Here’s the link to the article:

              So, the jury is out on whether or not PPE is really protecting the health-care workers. But, yeah, PPE is certainly going to help, if people will use it. It’s definitely a part of a wise opening up, and we are only differing on when and how to do it properly so that we don’t get a surge of infections and have to go into lock-down again. My articles were about people going out right now without any PPE, and sabotaging the quarantine that is in place. And that’s as opposed to making it work so we can get back to work ourselves ASAP.

              “If we were a hotspot where things were looking bad, yes, I could see the need for this blanket Quarantine. But the numbers do not reflect this kind of control.”

              Relative to the rest of the world you are in grave danger of being in a hot spot if controls aren’t put in place. The restrictions may be the only reason you aren’t overrun with cases already. It’s a shitty situation, and you are arguing that it can’t go on as it is. Agreed, but the best option is to not make it even worse.

              People are acting as if we have two choices. 1) Save lives. 2) Save the economy.

              But those may not be the real choices. They may be much more like 1) Save lives. 2) Lose live AND the economy. Number two may be a double whammy. If we open up too soon, and too cavalierly, and the sick and dying spike, we will have the worst of both possible worlds.

              We should be seeing in coming weeks how Sweden’s experiment is working. We may learn from their success or their failure. Sometimes, if someone is already volunteering to be the gunea pig, we don’t need to put ourselves at immediate risk.

              I saw that some places are opening up more next week. Georgia and Tennessee I think. Well, it can take weeks for the infected to get sicks, but, those states can take the risk first.

              The government should be compensating people for not being able to work, because they are the ones who F’d up, and they did it with taxpayer money. Last time I paid taxed in the U.S., it was more than a third of my income. Maybe the US can’t afford to pay people, but that’s what they should be doing. It’s not the average citizen’s fault they can’t go to work, or are losing their jobs. It’s the fault of the government.

              And I don’t buy into all the crap about how China mislead them, because other people figured it out in other countries, and I wrote about it months ago. It’s their job to see through the propaganda of China when an infectious disease arises.

              Oh well. Need rest. Have a good one, and hope you stay safe.


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