#21 – Dr. Cataract

Dr. Cataract, digital painting, 18″ x 18″ @ 300 dpi, 7/2018. [Click to see sized for your screen.]
#21 is the twenty-fifth portrait in a series of 31 self-portraits as other versions of myself in different lives. This one took a sci-fi direction. The result is a unique, surrealist, sci-fi, mutrant man, perhaps a victim of his own medical or scientific experiments gone awry. I made this one shortly after I discovered I have a cataract in my left eye.

Why I chose it:

I love the vintage sci-fi I grew up on, and Dr. Cataract seems like a character from that era. It’s also a new kind of portraiture for the 21st century, in that it is based on my image being altered with AI, my making a digital painting from it, and then feeding that painting into the AI, and working with the botched result.

Left: half of SFAU #24. Middle: after fed through AI. Right: my final portrait.

I added all the lumps, the glasses, exaggerated the disfigured eye, and worked with the suggestive cloth, and background. The AI creates images so pixelated and small that they are unusabel as art, and here I recreated the image manually, with considerable interpretive flare.

You can clearly see how much I’ve altered the AI image.

It is one weird portrai!



The original post

The original post has more details, a section on the process and the meaning.


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    1. I”m getting there slowly and painstakingly, anyway. Seems like skills are infinite, and we can just hope to care out the ones we most need. Yeah, I realize all my art is kinda’ heavy, and not everyone shares my love of ugly monsters, mutants, and aliens.

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