Formerly the Earth. Graphic by yours truly.

[I created this image and it’s free to use or share. Be my guest. Copy/paste OK!]

I made this graphic about as fast as i could, just to add a little spice to an article I was going to write updating on the virus. The image was more difficult than I anticipated, and I had to manually paint in some of the, uuuuh, barbs (the ones facing us). And then when I was done, I realized the image pretty much covered what I had to say.

Al the confounded layers and masks I ended up using.

~ Ends


12 replies on “Planet COVID 19

  1. A+ illustration. Was gonna say that I like the way photoshop allows one to go from concept to manifestation literally: two layers/two concepts: one of a stock art earth and the other a borrowed from the media representation of the COVID19 stacked, aligned and blended w/ a single layer mask. Then I saw your screen shot. I have forgotten (in my almost two yr separation from teaching photoshop and eight yrs from doing it for a living) how positively addicting it is to add many adjustment layers, copying and grouping, and making masks for every layer. Also. glad to see some one else who doesn’t rename layers, but sad to remember no one can make a living doing this anymore.

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    1. Thanks, Howard. I usually do label layers, but this was just a quickie graphic. The early process was much like you said, but involved testing out several combinations of images. The virus isn’t a “normal” layer, and the barbs or prongs or whatever on the front of teh planet couldn’t be seen. So, I had to manually paint them in, which is a bit tricky, and not in the usual bag of photo-editing tricks. I could have done a better job of the whole thing if I wanted to throw more time into it, but it was good enough.

      Unlike you, I was never paid for using Photoshop.


      1. Please don’t envy me my “career.” Yes, I got to make art-like stuff for most of it, but the wages and hours sucked and the end times there as the newspaper business died was artless, mean and anxious drudgery. Teaching (P/T adjunct) kept me sane-ish between my early forced retirement and my official voluntary one as there I never had any delusions that it was a career. IMHO having art and income separate is better.

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        1. You may be right. I always refused to confuse art and my day job. I feared doing art for the day job would mean I’d be sick of doing it all day when it came to exploring my own ideas. That said, doing other jobs that don’t use those skills can suck even worse.


        2. You may be right. I always refused to confuse art and my day job. I feared doing art for the day job would mean I’d be sick of doing it all day when it came to exploring my own ideas. That said, doing other jobs that don’t use those skills can suck even worse.

          Would you rather do Photoshop for a newspaper or Powerpoint for a bank? Would you rather teach are or teach English?


          1. I liked teaching art. Half the people in the room were glad to be there and half of those were good at it. Much better ratios than with journalism towards the end. Plus the making a difference reward was easier to see. But sometimes teaching the mechanics of photoshop illustrator and indesign took up all the time and aesthetics barely got a mention, making it feel more trade school than college. Sadly, I often felt I was the only one who noticed, let alone cared about this.
            I liked Journalism, too, at the beginning anyway. It, then, was mostly about making a difference, though I could sneak in some aesthetics most of the time. Plus there was the camaraderie of youth—plenty of kindred spirits to theorize about all this well into the next day. It was kinda like art school that way. But good times never last.
            Sometimes I ponder what if I’d gone into education back then rather than journalism, would I have had a better time of it? Around here both careers are looked down on as fake news mongers or pampered bureaucrats (both mostly untrue, mind you) so it probably wouldn’t have mattered. But I also speculate what if I’d said “F.Y.A.!” and tried my hand at being a real artist. For that I have no answer.

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    1. I think a lot of people did. I saw a documentary years about about the risk of the next big virus “jumping the species barrier”. When I first heard about this virus, I thought, “Oh, shit, that’s what everyone is worrried about!”

      Doctors and scientists have been saying for a long time that the next pandemic isn’t a questions of IF, but of WHEN. It’s standard, accepted science.

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      1. And yes, you’re right. They always tell you what they’re going to do before they do it. There have always been foreshadowings in t.v. shows, especially children’s shows, and many other forms of media and entertainment.

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