Here he is again, and more rounded out. The initial line drawing (see below) has completely disappeared, and now all the shapes are defined via shading. I made his flesh more uniformly grey green, and I’m liking the deeper orange for the irises (the eyes are definitely not done).

I’m NOT done with shading, highlights, texture, and so on, but this seemed like a good intermediary stage to share. There will be a background, and a surprise or two, down the line. Not everything is perfect, but it’s time to move to the next stage. Here’s a close-up of the mouth and nose.

A beginner mistake is just to make the teeth too uniformly white, so I’m trying to get a lot more colors in there, especially in the shadows. Notice how on the left the protruding ant-like mandible, coming out of the mouth, is shades of dark green, and the one on the other side is much more brown red. I’m putting a lot of thought, and trial and error into more realistic, and as it happens more painterly shading. I added a missing tooth, and a couple side teeth on the bottom. His teeth are on the human end of the spectrum, when I could have made the more pointy variety, but I was going for human-monster hybrid, rather than straight up sinister alien. I want him to be relatable.

It was also a challenge rounding all those bumps convincingly, when in the original drawing they were just defined by a single curved line. I’m also pleased with how the nostrils are coming out, or is nostrils even the right word? More like nose-hoses.

Stay tuned for the monster’s evolution.

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