Sample easy effects.

If you know how to use brushes in Photoshop, this one’s ready to go. It’s just something I stumbled on while experimenting with all the different options and capacities of Photoshop’s extremely powerful brush machine. Making custom brushes is now part of my arsenal of available techniques, and it’s phenomenal what you can do with it.

Months back I made the swarm of bees below using brushes, which is something I’d just never attempt using physical mediums.

Lately I’ve been learning digital painting from illustrator’s tutorials. Nobody seems to use it for straight up contemporary fine art purposes, nor is there an audience for that either, yet, as far as I know. One thing that has become blindingly obvious is that when it comes to realistic illustration, or probably most kinds of illustration — in terms of practicality, flexibility, and range of use — physical mediums can’t compete with using digital painting software. However, of course, if someone has their own methods and style using traditional mediums, that’s great. I don’t want everyone going digital. That would be boring.

The bees, including making three brushes, and coloring the bees, took an hour. I could spend days trying to do the equivalent in watercolor. It was just a test.

I’m moving in the direction of illustration/painting for fine art purposes, and Photoshop (or program of choice) is the ideal tool.

A quick test composition.

I’m not sure if I will EVER use this brush, but I will definitely use the brush-making skills for other purposes. I don’t tend to make gaudy psychedelic wall paper, but I can see this is a really fun brush to play with. I wanted to give it away, but I can’t attach the file here. If anyone really wants it, and already knows how to use and install PS brushes, contact me using the contact form at top, and I’ll send it to you for free, if I’m not too busy (which could happen).

And here’s a video on how to use it.


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