RNBS #26, by me: Maurizio Cattelan with his “Comedian”.

To see more about this series, go to this explanatory post. Of course I put the artist and the text around the banana. Are you getting bored by being shocked by just how boring shocking art is? If so, this series is for you. The least we can ask of shocking, revolutionary art is that it not bore us to tears. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be boring (which makes it exciting)  and, well, kinda’ lame (which makes it brilliant), and that’s supposed to challenge our ignorant assumptions that art is interesting, takes work, has meaning, and is beautiful to look at. Next thing we’ll want our food to taste good, too!

[Note that poking fun at the art world and its stars is exactly the tradition “Comedian” comes out of, in which case this whole series is, come to think of it, radical contemporary art itself, and done using new technology.]

For my analysis of Cattelan’s banana art, read Is Maurizio Cattelan’s $120,000 Banana Brilliant Art or Bullshit on a Platter? and the follow-up is, A Moment of Solipsism Triggered by Maurizio Cattelan’s Banana.

~ Ends

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8 replies on “RADICAL NEW BORING SHIT #26

  1. I really want to make some “Radical New Boring Shit” street art now…. ( maybe you could do it instead, because I’m a lazy fucker).
    I was trying to think of other things to say, but my cat has decided to come sit on my lap and then fart (I’m not sure whether he was making an artistic statement or not?) so I must go grab some fresh air ( the free stuff, not the stuff that was put in the frame that time). PEAS dude.

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      1. Not if you don’t have celebrity status and the right connections. If you haven’t noticed this, it is now of paramount importance when assessing art to know WHO the artist is. There is a very large part of the art world that doesn’t know how to look at art without knowing the race and gender of the artist. And, of course, there’s the whole debate about whether we can like Picasso’s art while hating him, and the politically correct answer is “no”. So, depending on your race, gender, celebrity status… you may not be capable of making art anyone should bother with.

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      2. Yeah, I know. I was just being silly. It’s clearly a very shallow world out there. A piece of old chewing gum spat out onto the street by Average Joe is merely a disgusting piece of chewy. But if it came out of the mouth of *insert trendy/ famous Person Of The Moment* then it will be sold in an auction ( or exhibited then sold) for a surreal amount of dosh. The bewildering absurdity of it all is weirder than anything I could create….

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