2 replies on “Radical-New-Boring-Shit–06

  1. I’d lost the link to this post of yours. I’d wanted to show it to a fellow artist ‘round here, a photoshop/illustrator guy who — unlike me — still has to sell stuff to make a living, but hates the “radical new boring shit” as much as anyone. Now found, I can share it. The images are as funny/nasty as I remember them. Keep up the good work, the originals, parodies and criticisms. And thanks for the likes.


    1. Thanks, Howard:

      I really enjoy your posts when I go looking. The font’s a little small for my eyes (got a cataract in the left one), though.

      Glad you like this series. It was fun to do. I suppose one of the things we can do to get through it all is make our selves laugh.


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