“We’re in contact with aliens… It was the Germans who first got in touch… The aliens would mind meld and give them the technology… They’re bad aliens… Are you surprised the Nazis were influence by demons?… SS castles where they go, where the aliens want blood, so they’d kill like 20 kids and everything… it brings them in like sharks… They developed a more advanced form of nuclear fuel: heavy water.” ~ Alex Jones

The Nazis were sacrificing children to give blood to the aliens! And people still take this guy seriously?

A while back I wrote an article objecting to Alex Jones being banned on multiple social media platforms simultaneously in a coordinated attempt to silence him and destroy his income. I said he was a “nut” then, and I maintain my stance, which is that I’m not at all comfortable with companies taking it upon themselves to destroy someone’s career because they don’t agree with his views. Some people may not mind because they see Jones as not only a fake-news peddler extraordinaire, but because he’s a Trump supporter, and thus the enemy. However, what makes one think the pendulum won’t swing the other way, and the far right won’t start shutting down people who it doesn’t agree with? A coordinated attempt by multiple social media outlets to silence someone should be alarming no matter what side of the political spectrum one is on.

Related to this, it’s recently come out that Facebook has deliberately “de-boosted” posts that it doesn’t agree with politically. Let’s face it, if you aren’t paying to play, you are already de-boosted. I have a private Facebook page, and when I make a post, there’s an option to “boost ” the post by paying money. This tells me it’s not a fair playing field. Anything I share will always be subordinated to anything people pay to boost. And the same is true of Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook. If you look at the “recent posts” when searching any hashtag, as opposed to the “top posts”, there will be days, weeks, and months-old posts in among material that was uploaded minutes ago. The consequence is that when you upload something, even if someone does a search for one of the hashtags you used, your chances of anyone seeing it are sharply reduced because the most recent posts are filled with old, paid-for posts.

“De-boosting” is taking it to another level, which is deliberately strangling the reach of a post behind the scenes. It was intended to be invisible. Nowadays, online presence is critical to the success of many businesses, and reach of audience is of paramount importance. Meanwhile, companies are secretly choking people’s reach for political reasons, or because they simply disagree with the narrative, which is also to sabotage their livelihood.

The general trend is to squelch unpopular opinions, creations, arguments, and so on. And the problem is that not only are heinous views unpopular, but so are ones that are a bit ahead, or challenge established orthodoxy, or are just outside of generally accepted views.

That said, Jones seems to have entered a desperate phase of trying to regain attention and relevance. He recently appeared in a marathon-length Joe Rogan Experience broadcast, which currently has over 7.7 million views. Clips from the show have hundreds of thousands to millions of views each. The conspiracy theories he’s now putting forth are punishingly ridiculous. I don’t know how people can stand watching more than a few minutes of his ranting, unless it’s for sheer, ironic, entertainment value.

One of his most important revelations is that hospitals are harvesting baby organs. Alex wants us to be really alarmed about this. You see, when a baby is born with a severe deformity, or some other drastic problem, doctors, get this, try to keep them alive and comfortable while the parents decide if heroic measures are warranted to keep the baby alive which would otherwise die. This is apparently a conspiracy to keep the babies alive for a week, quietly cart them off without the parents’ knowledge, and sell the priceless baby organs on the international black market for transplants.

A problem so immediate it should smack you in the face while he’s mid-sentence is that new-born baby organs can only be transplanted into other babies. A baby heart isn’t going to pump blood through a globalist, technocrat’s body. Thus, we have to imagine that some people’s babies are born in need of replacement organs, and it’s possible to perform such surgery on newborns, and the people who do this, who must be among the best doctors in the world, are all in on this black market bullshit. We must imagine that hospitals have stores of baby organs waiting to be used. And that’s about the most believable of his tall tales.

The gray aliens are evil, and called “elves” by the people in the secret cabal of the globalist, elite, who know all about them, commune with them, and have received advanced scientific knowledge from them. Why, LSD was discovered in the 20’s by the Nazis, cuz the space elves. Never mind that we know who discovered it, and how. Virtual reality goggles existed in the 50s… because we got the technology from the aliens.

As soon as someone says that the Nazis were in league with the aliens, my brain wants to vomit, whether the aliens are the greys (those are the evil “elves”), or inter-dimensional, shape-shifting, reptile-people. The real history lesson is that normal people became Nazi ideologues, and uplifting rhetoric was used to justify gassing innocent people to death. People are the problem, and we don’t need help from other galaxies, or dimensions, to  get up to vicious and horrible deeds. Everything we need is here.

Jones also knows what God is. God looks like a comet, he says. You see, God is consciousness, and it’s a giant comet, but the tail of the comet is evil, and snaps back and tries to undo all the good God is doing. Profoundly stupid.

Bullshit stories are the least credible when they are the most specific. Rogan himself was bringing up the Zecharia Sitchin theories of how humans were created by space aliens by combining their DNA with that of primates, because, uh, evolution doesn’t explain how humans came about clearly enough. It just had to be space aliens. This kind of thinking requires looking at all the evidence supporting the argument (such as a cave drawing of a person with a quill and arrows, but if you look at it a certain way it looks like a ray gun), and none of those that would demolish it.

I used to sit next to a guy at work who was heavily into the Sitchin stuff, and he told me some of the details. You see, there was an Anunnaki space commander, named Enlil, from the planet Nibiru…  At this point I would have to ask myself why the alien language was closer to English than is Chinese. Meanwhile, the aliens came to Earth to get our gold, because their planet was getting too hot, and they needed to put gold leaf in the atmosphere to keep out the sun’s rays. The reason the Anunnaki created humans was because they needed slaves, or a workforce, to harvest the gold for them, which they couldn’t do themselves or in any more advanced way. Enlil?! Anunnaki?! They needed our GOLD?!

And so, a civilization which is capable of space travel that we are not (traveling at light speed it would take over 100 years to reach the next potentially habitable planet, and we can’t travel at the speed of light), couldn’t create machines to mine gold, nor use any other means to reduce the sun’s rays. And they couldn’t just inhabit the Earth instead. We must have had mountains of gold back then, because there needed to be enough to envelope the entire planet of Nibiru. And, of course, the gold leaf would just float there, perpetually, undisturbed.

The Anunnaki’s spacecraft would have to be able to transport gold cargo weighing a gazillion times its own weight, but, mind you, they couldn’t have transported machinery or robots from their planet to Earth to harvest the gold, nor just bring people over to live on Earth, where, until then, there was apparently no intelligent life (not sure if they put their DNA in dolphins or not). What, you say they lacked the metals to make robots and machinery, other than their spaceship, so, duh, that’s why they came to Earth. OK, so why not use our metals to make machinery and robots using the same technology they used to make their spaceship? No, they had to put their DNA in monkeys, raise them up to adults, and then set them to work, meanwhile their entire populace was frying back on Nibiru. OK.

Joe Rogan brought up this Sitchin fable in order to ground Jones and tether him to some form of something that is taken seriously by at least wingnuts. That’s how far out Jones now is.

No, I didn’t watch the full 4 hour and 40 minute podcast. I could barely stomach a few of the roughly 10-minute highlights. It’s like watching a compulsive liar make up lies on the spot. Rogan showed extraordinary tolerance by never yelling, or even whispering Bullshit!.

It just hit me what it really reminds me of. There are fake martial artists who say they can toss people about without even touching them. One guy, named George Dillman, who apparently, at some point, coached Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee, claims he can knock people out with an energy ball (a “chi ball”). When this was put to the test by skeptics, and failed, his comeback was what reminds me so much of Jones’ rambling:

“I don’t know if I should say that on film, but if the guy had his tongue in the wrong position of the mouth, uh, that can also nullify it.. In fact, you can nullify it if you raise those two big toes. PLUS, if I say I’m gonna’ knock you out, and you raise one toe and push one down, can’t knock you out. And then if I go to try again you reverse it…if you keep doing this, I won’t knock you out.”

One should wonder what the use is of taking years to develop an ostensible martial arts attack that can be rendered useless by moving your tongue or toes. Utter bullshit and on-the-spot lies. If you watch the guy spewing his nonsense, it’s quite similar to Jones:

I wonder what percentage of the seven and a half million people who at least clicked on the video believe any of what Jones says.

I looked at the comments, and they were overwhelmingly positive. My favorite had to be: “Alex Jones for president 2024”. You thought it couldn’t get any more fictitious after Reagan (an actor), then W (“is our children learning”), then Trump (nobody believed he’d become president a day before he was elected), and now … Alex Jones. If Jones becomes president I will believe I live in a simulated universe, and whoever is running it is not only a comedian, but probably cruel. And then in response to that comment, someone asked why not Jones in 2020? Well, I guess even if you think Jones should be the next president, to end baby organ harvesting and forestall elf-alien mind control, you gotta give Trump a second term. Priorities!

Suddenly I feel like a bastion of rock-solid sanity. I still oppose Jones being silenced, but find his level of bullshittery automatically pernicious. Some hoaxes are designed to test people’s credibility, undermine accepted perspectives which are bunk (the fake articles published by far left journals), to mock bogus perspectives, or for humor (Borat)… Exposure to them — though it may require “the reveal” — can make people less vulnerable to bullshit, force them to be more critical in their thinking, or cause them to re-evaluate or consider something new.

But Jones’ blather doesn’t seem to have a higher purpose, and may only unintentionally be humorous. It’s hard to say if he’s LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) or not, but I doubt he really believes all the crap he puts out there, just as I know that keeping one toe up and one toe down doesn’t nullify an invisible energy ball hurled by a martial arts “expert”. He also sells his goofy products, like “Super Male Vitality”, so I gather his true objective is to make a mint off of gullible people, and he’s not concerned if he’s impeding their ability to assess reality. Or, rather, he’s deliberately skewing their reality, and dumbing them down, in order to sell them snake oil. That, however, is the nature of quite a lot of advertising (creating a need for something completely unnecessary), and I fear shutting Alex down had far less to do with what he was doing, and far more to do with which team he was doing it for.

In the end, the sad consequence is that Alex is driven to ever more extreme measures in order to stay in the spotlight, and he’s become a parody of even himself. Perhaps his next performance can be a live seance to remove an alien spirit which implanted itself into his brain.

~ Ends

5 replies on “Alex Jones is a complete and utter nutter: Aliens, Nazis, and Baby Organ Harvesting.

  1. Yeah, I saw some of it too and was kinda put off by Joe initiating the whole thing by explaining how good friends they are. It seemed to have the purpose to create a certain tolerance to Jones, which is fine if he had anything worth listening to. But he hasn’t. I saw about 20 minutes and cut him off. Jones is pretty irritating. I was surprised though that he never interrupted Joe. It might indicate that he knows what he is doing, and suggest it is a deliberate way of making a name of himself, and a buck in the process.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup. I mostly just can’t take full-on bullshit. The stuff about the Nazis feeding the aliens blood in castles was about as convincing as the tooth fairy riding on a unicorn over a rainbow, and landing in a pot of gold. It’s basically an insult to ones intelligence.


  2. This article didn’t age well. Turns out Alex Jones was correct about harvisting baby organs! The news just break today that it has been ocuring for years. It’s been government funded experiments on babies!! This artical is now historically recognized as fake news!! If it is not removed, redacted, or corrected within 24 hours it will be open to the lawsuite!! If you would like to not be recognized as the fake news site, you should probably not have ad sponsors with marketing labelled “swell with bikini dancing girls” and refrain from post easy debunking materials.



    1. Face-plant!

      First of all, your email is “gofuckyourself@gmx.com” and your website is “furious fapper”, so, I already know you are afraid to reveal your true identity. You are by definition a fake commenter accusing me of “fake news”. Holy doy-ee! But let’s pretend you think you have a valid point kicking around in your head.

      Even a broken clock is correct once a day. So, any lunatic who makes enough predictions is going to hit something into the infield eventually.

      Are you insisting that Michelle Obama really IS a transsexual, as Alex claims? And that is real news according to your intellect, is it? Are you insisting the Nazis were sacrificing children in order to feed aliens blood in castles, as Alex claimed?

      If you are just going to single out one of Alex’s claims, you’ll still need to cover the whole of it, not just the least ridiculous elements. YOU need to prove that, “This is apparently a conspiracy to keep the babies alive for a week, quietly cart them off without the parents’ knowledge, and sell the priceless baby organs on the international black market for transplants.”

      It’s gotta be for transplants, mind you, not just tissue for research… There need to be doctors doing heart and kidney transplants on newborns. Do you think such operations are possible on newborns, let alone with organs taken from fetuses and sold on the black market?

      Can you tell the difference between a plausible story and an outlandish one? Do you believe in the fish-human hybrid babies Alex claims to have seen?!

      Do you have any tattoos on your forehead? May I suggest “Dufus” or better yet “Pud-whacker”? Only problem is you can’t redact it, however, since it wouldn’t be “fake news”, because it could easily be corroborated, I guess there’s really no risk.

      Go harass someone as gullible as yourself. Pretend you have some sort of legal authority “furious fapper”. And when did my own art start sponsoring me? Awesome.

      Is Hillary running in 2024? It’s a bit early to start campaigning, isn’t it?



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