James Lindsay, Peter Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose. (Photo by Mike Nayna)

[When you know what you are supposed to think, it means that you aren’t supposed to think.]

I wrote a whole article about this, and then decided I don’t want to engage or react to the radical left (or right) ideologues, or poison my peace of mind with their neurosis (anymore), if I can help it. When I write articles about this material, I go to bed feeling like I wasted my day.

The topic, however, is worth looking up if you are interested. Uuuh, here’s a video interview with two of the masterminds behind the hoax articles:

Less writing, more art making.

~ Ends

3 replies on “Parody Articles Published in Prestigious Academic Journals, And Why The Art World is in Denial

  1. Eric,
    It was a good article. I understand you taking it down though. I heard about this last week and was happy to see someone fighting back. The far left scare tactics are taken from Stalins playbook and it’s designed to make us shut up. Have you read Václav Havel’s Power of the Powerless. He lived through communism and explains a lot of the stuff they are doing. The more people who stand up for what’s right is the only way to get the scared ones to get on board. This is a step in the right direction.

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    1. I wrote a long response to you, the last line of which was, “I want nothing to do with this insanity” (kinda’ like I want nothing to do with a race war). And so, I think it’s better to just wash my hands of it. In fact, I’ve moved beyond this bullshit. These ideas are antiquated and bankrupt, and I don’t want to be mired in them. it’s as useful to me as arguing about whether the Earth is flat or not.


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