I used an old-ish free program to create morphs between images for the 1st 25 pieces in my SFAU series. I have to do it mechanically by creating reference points between images, and so on.

I zoomed in and cropped on the faces where necessary, so it’s just the faces and not the whole paintings. Y’know, some were really wide, and some are taller, but I needed to make them all the same size for morphing one into another. Took me a few hours to do.

The result is only 25 seconds long. I think you can watch it no matter how short your attention span at the moment.


7 replies on “Video with Morphs of 1st 25 images in my SFAU Series

  1. As well as looking pretty cool and trippy I think this video really helps illustrate what you’re doing with these paintings to people who might not initially ‘get’ it.

    Definitely worth a feature on something like Hi-Fructose – maybe get in touch with them.

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    1. Thanks. I could do some more and make a video incorporating this that explains it a bit more and shows some close-ups and whatnot. I’m glad you think pubs like Hi-Fructose of Juxtapoz might bite at this. I might do a dozen more before I try hitting up one of those.

      Just yesterday I did a search to see if anyone else is doing this, and the only thing that came up was my stuff. It’s hard for me to believe nobody else snapped this up, but, I guess it takes a unique blend of skills, vision, open-mindedness, imagination, and even guts. Seems obvious to me, but the people who say dumb shit like “the machine did it” reflect a giant mental block that would prevent them from doing it.

      Thanks for the boost. I’d pretty much abandoned this series, but another blogger did a post about it, and then I made the video, and several people have shown that they appreciate it.

      So, now I’m back on it. There should be a new one fairly soon.

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