SFAU #15, by Eric Wayne. Digital painting, 24×27″ @300 dpi, 4/2018.

If you are new to this series all the images are based on recent photos of me after being fed through Faceapp (which can change age, gender, etc.), then altered in Photoshop, and then painted in Corel Painter. None of the people actually exist, and thus they are like portraits from parallel dimensions or alternate universes.

This series evolves in ways I can’t really anticipate. I was thinking each new piece is like an additional note in a song: it builds on what went before and adds something a little different, sometimes more familiar, and other times more of a departure. Some of the people, if I make enough of these, will recur.

The last piece was a crazy old guy (me in the role of Howard Beale in Network), and though the pieces are just titled with numbers, I added, “Mad as Hell” (yes, you’re right, it’s a double-entendre). After “Mad as Hell” comes “Elle”. Just a bit of alliteration and assonance.

There are new innovations or twists in each one so far, though later I may just rest on my laurels and add images without necessarily expanding the technique or content in any significant way (ex., I would like to create more images of some of the same individuals to give them more life). This one, however, does have an innovation that wouldn’t be apparent to the onlooker. I have a new method for creating the female versions and making them look more like me (and I also have one for making more distantly related versions). So, the main reason for selecting this image to work with was that it is the female version that most looks like my twin sister (younger), not that I have one.

I’m doing 50% male and 50% female, at least so far. I don’t have any hard and fast rules, but that seems to be about the broadest outline for consistency of variation.

As I do more of these I become more comfortable with them being a little disturbing. In the case of this image I’m bothered that this girl doesn’t exist. Of all the billions of people alive, the ones I’m painting only live in my art.

This sort of feeling was a large part of the original impetus for this series. I realized if I didn’t make pieces to commemorate these individuals, they’d simply vanish. And so I wanted to immortalize their fleeting presence.

And so I feel that this girl is, well . . . . . . . . .  dead. But here she’s coming forward and looking at you.

Here are some details:

Here’s all 15 so far (in chronological order):


Stay tuned for more entities to emerge.

~ Ends

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6 replies on “New Art: Selfies From Alternate Universes # 15 “Elle”

  1. Absolutely awesome!!! Weird coincidence I was talking about what a fantastic movie Netwrok was and how it was more true today than when oit first got out!! Plus I love your technique and the rsthetic turn you have taken for thiese series. Also I always have been on the side of those people who say that an image, whatever the canvas is, will always be more interesting if there’s a living being on it. Keep it up man!! I’d love to feature you on LAN with this main painting and a few protraits with a Q and A all cimbined in one… Think about it and come back to me at tobedamit@gmail.com if your down for this!


    1. Thanks Kay! I looked at it. If only I were a cheerleader for anti-art and appropriation, rather than being on the far other end of the spectrum, I’d think I have a pretty good chance. I’ll apply anyway. Maybe they like some variety and not just yes-people.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe look at some other blogs they’ve given awards/grants to and see if they are as far away from u as u think. Dude! U obviouslyput a lot of time and research in ur blog — u already know that u should follow their guidelines when making ur pitch.

    Liked by 1 person

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