I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, have more than 500 posts, and more than 500,000 views (on average a post gets 1,000 views over  time). Most my views come from Google searches, and some of my articles are in constant circulation.

There was much on my site now that there was no efficient way to discover it. You could do searches, but you’d have to know what to search for. To solve this, I’ve custom made a few easily searchable indexes to let people know what subjects I’ve written about. First I made a list of artists, then one of styles/movements – both in the drop-down menu for Art Critisim – and the newest index is for Thought.

You can find the new category permanently in the site menu, and I’ve duplicated it in this post. It’s for my more thoughtful or philosophical articles, and ones which sometimes inspire heated debate.


My more philosophical articles. I’m not pretentious enough to call myself a philosopher (unless I follow it up with fool as on my About page), but I have been known to ponder some of the big questions. Here there are articles on subjects like free will, consciousness, the purpose of art, and what’s wrong with Postmodernism…

Topics are arranged alphabetically with the most relevant articles toward the top of each section. Some entries fit in more than one category.

Art Theory


Morality/Politics and Art (for censorship see above)

  1. Get Politics the F out of Art!
  2. Morality, Politics, Vomit, and Art.
  3. Art is Not Inherently Political!
  4. Censoring and Burning Art in the Name of Progressive Morality
  5. In Defense of Cindy Sherman.


  1. Argument against no free will (determinism)
  2. Consciousness, Free Will, and Art
  3. How Postmodernism Has Worked Against Us.
  4. What Is Consciousness?
  5. Do we live in a simulated universe? Yes, but not one created by aliens.
  6. Do we live in a simulated universe, Part 2: Rejoinder to Nick Bostrom.
  7. Say so long to Solipsism
  8. Inextinguishable Originality: Refuting Rosalind Krauss.
  9. Rant: Modernism’s shortcomings, debate, being censored, insulted, blocked and banned.
  10. Google Deep Dream Getting Too Good
  11. Algorithm Decides Which Art Is The Most Creative.
  12. What is the Purpose of Visual Art?
  13. What is Real in Art?
  14. The “Spiritual” in Art for the Intellectually Rigorous


  1. The “Spiritual” in Art for the Intellectually Rigorous


6 replies on “New Page for “Thought”

    1. Thanks for pointing out the broken link. Incidentally, feel free to point out any little mistakes (I consider it having a free editor).

      I put together my indexes manually, which means inserting all the links manually, and so here and there they might be a slip-up.

      I don’t think anyone would be interested in a book of mine unless I was already recognized, which is a difficult thing to make happen. I’m working on it, however.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No one would be interested? All those Google searches would beg to differ. I think you write very comprehensively and passionately, and there’s a clear need for that. We have all this information available, but no context or filter. That’s where you come in, saving the day!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Gabriela. I suppose some people would find it interesting if they had a book lying around, but, I don’t have enough of an audience for it to be much more than a vanity project. For now, I think my articles work best online. But I do really appreciate you suggesting there’s a worthwhile book in her somewhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I TRIED to fix that link. Who knows what happened. Well, I just fixed it again and tested it. I really think it should work now. And thanks for calling it to my attention! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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