#45 Now is the Season of the Witch, 20×30″ @300 dpi. Digital drawing.10/19/017. [Click to see in a new tab.]
Yup, this is #45 of images all made from my imagination, and unpremeditated. And this means there’s a lot of subconscious influence. I don’t know that I would have deliberately thought of that weird, striped creature, who is striped or entwined by snaky coils, depending on how you look at it. It’s also bending forward, like a dog on all fours, or backwards, depending on how you look at it.

Within this series there are B&W images, and then within those ones I did using this rough look. I’m particularly fond of these, partly because they are fun and very spooky, but also because they seem to be evolving. If you look at them carefully, there are interlocking and/or overlapping forms, and pattern becomes important. You can notice this for example in the striped creature existing within the shadow profile shape of another creature.

Look at the snake head up close. I did a screen capture so you can get a sense of scale. The image is fairly large.

Snake head, er, eating another snake.

I know what snakes look like, and can easily look up reference images. But this guy is weirder, reminding me of eels and fish. It seems a very prehistoric snake, mottled and murky. And it’s eating another snake.

And here’s a close-up of the lined creature’s head.

These are beasts of the imagination and subconscious, and they seem to be evolving through this style of drawing. A weird sort of reality is manifesting itself. There’s an element of dreams/nightmares creeping in. Not dreams I’ve had, but that quality of being submerged in another reality.

This one’s appropriate for Halloween, I guess.


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