#41 Ancient Alien Cave Art, 20×30″ @300 dpi. Digital drawing. 8/24/017.

Don’t worry my discerning fans, the title is humorous. I don’t think we descended from an alien/ape hybrid. Well, not, y’know, like an alien named Enlil, who was an Ananyaki space commander from planet Nibiru, came and inseminated a bunch of chimps in order to create a hybrid slave force to dig for gold. I used to sit next to a guy at work who went in for such speculation. I wasn’t having any of it, but he was a good guy. When I was eventually laid off, he quit in protest, so, long live Space Commander Enlil and those who believe in him, ’cause they got some integrity and cajones.

On a semi-more serious note this is a sort of style I accidentally developed, kinda’ like how Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD and had a miraculous bicycle ride home as what must have happened slowly dawned upon him. Accidents seem a good route to discovery, because if you know what you are looking for, well, you wouldn’t come up with something unexpected.

So, this style emphasizes semi-simple shapes and pattern much more than most my other work. And yet I managed to work in an alien and a monster. And if you don’t know me already, any monster is a sentient being and a stand-in for humans, to a degree. Because of the rough texture + simple shapes and curves and whatnot, the result looks kinda like those fake artifacts from Area 51.

I’m a guy who likes to marry opposites and test things out just to see what will happen. When I kept aquarium fish, I was excited that my blue-lipped yellow fish with red fins and my hump-headed fish were mixing it up. I never got babies, but I really wanted to see what they’d be like. Yes, you are right, I ain’t got not probs with miscegenation, however, I am officially divorced from American politics, if you didn’t see my announcement on Facebook, which is highly unlikely, as only 40 people follow me there, and of those, over 30 don’t really. Fame and fortune haven’t alighted on this artist, but stranger shit has happened. Just last century someone became supposedly the most influential artist because he hauled a piss pot into an exhibit.

The opposites I’m marrying here are aliens or monsters or just sci-fi with a very rough looking drawing, as if it were drawn on rough parchment on top of a table which was a slab of textured rock.

I’m simultaneously working on something completely different, which keeps things interesting for me, but I like working in this style. It’s quick and I have no idea what I will come up with.

Here are 10 similar pieces I’ve produced so far, and no two of them are really alike.

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Here’s all 41 pieces in the series, which are all images done exclusively from my imagination, and unpremeditated,  so far in a slide show.

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Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery:

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See a video about my first 25 pieces in this series here.

2 replies on “New Art: (#41) Ancient Alien Cave Art

  1. Hey. Impressive, provocative fuel for the imagination.
    All the best with this venture!
    Just a thought- there’ll be writers needing book covers and bands looking for album sleeves who would like this style. Some previous ones have become works of art in their own right. (Consider the number of books which are compilations of works by SF illustrators)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like this style. The way I think about anyone wanting to use any of my art is that they just have to ask, and we can set up a price. I don’t want to do commissions, because, well, I just want to do what ever intererests me and not try to be someone who executes someone else’s vision. Some people use my art without asking. Since I’m not famous, I’m not going to ask much. The longer ppl wait, though, the more I’d ask, unless, of course, I never get any real recognition. But I’ll try to not let that be my future.


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