#40 With Chains, 20×30″ @300 dpi. Digital drawing. 8/24/017.

This is #40 in this series so far, and the 9th in which I’m using the same basic technique. I have a very hard time working in a single, definitive style, mostly because one of my primary objectives is exploration, as opposed to the much more popular and practical approach, which is to produce a semi-unique, but easily identifiable signature style for branding and marketing purposes of a product. That just reduces art to another job where one becomes an artisan for someone else’s overarching vision.

However, as I produce more work, and keep skipping around, when I look back I could group many works I’ve already produced into relatively homogenous series. This is one style I’ve been developing, and for me a rather fun and open one that allows free reign of the imagination.  There are 14 B&W images in this series – all works done exclusively from the imagination – but 9 of those 14 use a particular custom technique and approach. Here there are:

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~ Ends

Here’s all 40 pieces in the series so far in a slide show.

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Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery:

To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go here.

See a video about my first 25 pieces in this series here.

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