#37 Looking at Fire.[20×30″ @300 dpi).
Notice the man looks like he’s carved out of wood and that if you look in the fire you will see things yourself. There’s an obvious scary head in there, for starters.

Just wanted to mess around with a sort of charcoal-looking drawing technique, which brings me right back to my charcoal drawings from the imagination from @25 years ago. This is a relatively fun and easy technique for me.

I’m supposed to be working on my aliens, and I’m in the middle of a line drawing, but realized I don’t really like doing line drawings on the computer, because it’s hard to have the level of fine motor control with a tablet and stylus while looking at the monitor. I keep the tablet in my lap on a pillow. But it works grea for a looser style bases more on shape, shading, and form.

When I used to do charcoal drawings I’d hold the charcoal at arm’s length, which is very different from drawing up close on paper. So, this kind of drawing tech translates very, very well to the computer. It’s even better because with charcoal I could only add black and erase. Here I can add white.

The style, however, really looks like my old chacoal drawings, like, this one:

Faustus. 18×24″ Charcoal on paper.

Here’s all 37 pieces in the series so far in a slide show.

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Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery:

To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go here.

See a video about my first 25 pieces in this series here.

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2 replies on “New Art: (#37) Looking at Fire.

  1. I’ve enjoyed looking at those old charcoal drawings of yours, I confess to giving it a go myself. Having tried it I can see that this kind of technique is wonderful for working from the imagination, since you start catching little figures and shapes in the charcoal – almost like staring into a fire 😉

    I like the primitive look of the man, and I think it suits the subject well. Kind of reminds me of some african wood carving, I’d actually like to see it as a sculpture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m working on another one And it’s a lot of what you said. I just look at it and I see things, and then I articulate them. So, there’s a lot of imagination and un/subconscious stuff involved. It’s a fun way to work for me. Also, because whatever imagery arises need not follow naturalism, it allows or a lot of freedom without worrying about exactly hot to make an eye, or hand, or nostrils, or ears, or whatever.


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