Here are 39 aliens, monsters, and robots (and an android or mutant or two…). I don’t consider myself a sci-fi artist, but these are all sci-fi creatures with a fine art sort of treatment. You an watch the slide show or click in the gallery below it. I recommend watching the slide show through once!

I’m thinking about how to promote my art, and my disinclination to stick to any one style or subject matter complicates things, as the advice all artists get is to do one thing and one thing only for branding and marketing purposes. For me art is too much about exploring and experimenting, in which case I can’t just stop and repeat my experiments. I want to keep going. And searching.

Now I’m starting to accumulate more work than anyone can really process in a sitting. Consider that a painting (digital or otherwise) really needs as much time to digest as a poem. I couldn’t sit down and read 39 poems in a sitting. Images, like songs or poems, can take time to digest. Sometimes a leap of the imagination is required of the viewer.

Of these 39 images I could cull a dozen that fit in least, and still have at least 24. Right now I’m just putting them all together to contemplate. A few are B&W versions of color paintings, which I include to possibly show some of my drawing skill, because as soon as people read “digital” they may think the computer is doing the work, which it isn’t. That seems like more than enough pieces to submit to various online art venues in order to try to get more of an audience, and perhaps get my art career out of the starting gate.

I’m starting a new series of perhaps all aliens, or aliens and monsters (I suppose “monsters” encompasses “aliens”), and I thought I’d do those for a few months and then try to pitch the batch, but then realized I’m sitting on a bunch of related images that I couldn’t quite recreate even if I wanted to. [Note: another possible series is my “digital impasto” work, which I think I have a couple dozen good examples of.] If I submit the best of these, and everyone bounces them, I can try again with the new stuff in several months.

Let me know if you like, which are your favorites or which you think don’t fit.

~ Ends

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      1. Hi Eric! Yes, i made all of them! I write a blog about creativity and design and post two times a week. You are welcome 🙂 It would be nice to have you there!

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