#35, Untitled in B&W [20×30″ @300 dpi).
The previous 4 pieces I did were digital impasto, and incorporating some 3D modeling.  For a little break I decided to do something only using drawing. For this kind of drawing, of which I’ve done several in this series, I just use one brush in Photoshop, and I switch between black and white. It allows a lot of freedom of imagination, a large range of expression, and relies on my traditional skills. This one, like the others, was unpremeditated. I just make some lines and whatnot, look at it, refine it, change it, and so on until it reaches as state where it has a balanced feel where there’s no need to change it, and it’s interesting to my eye and vision.

Also, curiously, after doing several 3D works I found that sort of effect creeping into this imagery, even though it’s produced strictly through flat lines. I’ve found ways of producing a range of textures that don’t look digital to my eye, but more like ink.

Here are all the B&W images I’ve produced in this series so far:

I think I should do a couple more to get to 9.

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4 replies on “New Art: (#35) Untitled in B&W

  1. Excellent technique. One I find useful for getting a recalcitrant image on “paper” but also to try–not always successfully–create old school painterly form before content. I use the basic short cuts ( x, [, ], 1-0) to make this work.

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    1. “I use the basic short cuts ( x, [, ], 1-0) to make this work.”

      X to switch colors, [ ] for brush size, and 1-0 for opacity? Those become second nature pretty quick.


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