#30 Experiment in 3d, 12×20″ @300dpi, 5/28/017

Notice that the brush strokes are 3D, not just as in embossing, but some are coming up off the canvas. I stumbled on a new technique and combined it with my digital impasto method to get this effect. It also incorporates my interest in imagery that is balanced between abstraction and figuration.

This was an experiment, thus the title, “Experiment in 2.5D”. 2.5D refers to sculpting on a flat surface, and in this case it is done with color, and digitally.No, there’s no magic filter for this. I make each stroke individually and build up the image by overlapping and combining strokes…

Here’s all 30 pieces in the series so far in a slideshow.

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Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery:

To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go here.

See a video about my first 25 pieces in this series here.

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2 replies on “New Art: (#30) Experiment in 2.5D

  1. Eric,
    I like this experiment a lot. It has a little more depth and the idea and colors are great as well. Hope to see more like this. I wonder if this would work in black and white?

    Off the topic, I went and saw I killed JFK a couple days ago. Very enlightening. It’s not surprising that our government would be in on this, but it is really amazing that people bought the story they were selling. I don’t think they could have got away with it today, with everyone having cell phones and a lot more news organizations, but I’m definite not running for president any time soon.

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