4 replies on “New Art: (#25) Encepholopedia

    1. I sure hope so. My writing is bound in verbal language. Images go right around that. Anyone, no matter what language they speak, can look at my images. And they serve a different purpose. I write to explain. I make images to discover, and materialize the imagination, so to speak. They writing and art are almost unrelated.

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      1. Well, you know how in certain kinds of meditation or Eastern philosophy the goal is to get out of the sentence-making mind? Language fixes reality into an artificial abstract copy of it. Art can go around that. And I say things in my drawings/paintings that I don’t dare say in verbal language. So, in some ways I think of language as a barrier, at least when it’s not being used creatively. Great writers can get around this, such as in poetry, where what the language evokes is not synonymous with what it says. I’m pretty good with language (had to write a lot of papers in college), so , I like it, but, the communication that is outside of language is more exciting and real.

        Oh well, thanks for commenting and keeping up with my series.

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