(#23) Death Walks Beside You, by Eric Wayne. [20X30″ @300dpi. April 5, 017.]
This is in the same style as my last two images, and a couple earlier B&W images in this series, which you can compare with below:

#22 In the Cave
#21 Interdimensional Transmission
#18 Breach In The Bubble
#17 The Kiss

I didn’t intend to do them in the same style, and two other distinct styles have also evolved with this series. These seem particularly moody, dark, elemental, subconscious, and spiritual for me. I guess a lot of my work is like that. Anyway, there’s another one coming to a monitor near you soon.

Oh yeah, see if you can find where I hid my signature. I also hid it in #22.

Stay tuned,


2 replies on “New Art: (#23) Death Walks Beside You

    1. I would guess that’s an association we have when we were younger between some Christian imagery, and awe. I have the same thing with 50’s B&W sci-fi, like “The Outer LImits”. That was another kind of awe. I’m also guessing, that for me, some of the Christian sort of imagery is filtering in through art history. I’m not Christian at all. I much closer to Buddhism and philosophy. But, these images are coming from suggestions I make with marks, and so the subconscious plays a part, and I think the subconscious is broader and more universal than the consciousness. So, I’m letting some subconscious associations or decisions overrule conscious control. Sometimes when I’m working I’m deliberately not consciously thinking about what I’m doing.I’m hoping the result is a more evolved picture of the subterranean consciousness.


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