#17 The Kiss [20×38″ @300 dpi], 3/3/017.
I think this one has a lot of punch for just B&W. It’s worth clicking on to see it in a separate window, and just taking it in, noticing small details, perhaps while listen to music.

Here’s a few things that are a bit different about this piece.

  • This was done in one day, 3.6 hours to be precise.
  • As with all the pieces in the series, it was done entirely from the imagination and unpremeditated.
  • I lengthened the canvas size from the standard I’ve been using in this series to that it matches the proportions of my monitor. I went from 20×30″ to 20×38″ (at 300 dpi). This is more suited to my sensibility, as I like a cinema, landscape proportioned canvas.
  • While this is digital, I used about the minimal possible digital tinkering. There’s no cutting and pasting, cloning, stretching, distorting, liquifying, levels, curves, layers, masks, or filters… It’s all done with just one brush on one layer. I just switched between white and black, though sometimes used the dropper to select a gray. I probably didn’t need to do the latter. In short, this is ALL DRAWING.
  • I did this completely zoomed out. Usually I will zoom in to work on details, but, that adds time, and I was determined to finish this in one day.
  • This is very, very similar to a technique I used about 25 years ago where I’d make an image from the imagination using charcoal and an eraser.
  • It’s a bit of a mix of styles.
  • Usually I start off working small and gradually enlarge the canvas (so at not to over-tax the computer during the rougher, initial phases). But this time I started off on the full size so that any mark I made was hi-rez and wouldn’t need  to be gone over after enlarging. This means there’s really crisp brush detail when zoomed in. [see details below]. But the details are not illustrational, because I worked zoomed out, in which case they are much more loose or suggestive when seen up close at actual pixels.
Detail one (with an eye)
Detail two, showing strokes. It has a kind of aquatint look up close.

Since this style is fast and pretty solid, much as I love color I may do more of these.

Here’s all 17 pieces in the series so far in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or, if you prefer, you can see them in a click-through gallery:

To see other posts about other pieces in this series, go here.

Thanks for checking out my art and my blog.

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9 replies on “New Art: (#17) The Kiss

    1. Great to hear that. I really like it, too. There’s something about the rich potential of just black and white, and how suggestive and accessible it is. I’m planning to do more of these, because they are fast. But I can’t easily put this particular style in color. It would ruin the simplicity or directness of the approach. I essentially did this whole drawing without zooming in, with one brush, and a few key strokes that I repeated.

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