“Martian and H0munculus”, 2017

This is #5 in the series. Vote in the poll at the bottom to choose your favorite so far.

Here are all 5 images, again:

#1 “Down By The River”
#2 “One-Eyed Monster In Hot Pursuit”
#3 “In Mortal Space Combat”
#4 “Watchers of the Sky”
#5) “Martian and H0munculus”, 2017

I’m curious to know which one people like best, so, let me know in the poll below.

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3 replies on “New Art : (#5) Martian and Homunculus

  1. Can we have multi-choice, please – I can’t rank these. 2 and 4 though are ones that have an immediate reaction to – they both grab me emotionally – I love the way you mix mundanity with SF. The Star Wars films could have been so much better if they’d taken this approach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most people are choosing #5 so a vote for either of those others helps even things out. #5 is probably my favorite, or #4. But, interestingly, you picked the ones that are a bit more adventurous in style for me.


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