Here’s the three together.

Dear reader. My next digital painting in my new series will be based on one of these sketches.

So few people, if any at all, are likely to comment on this (I’m so overwhelmingly popular at this point) that your opinion, should you choose to express it, could have some influence on which I choose. You don’t even have to type anything. Just vote in the poll.

These are 15 minute unpremeditated doodles (incidentally, done with a drawing tablet, which is very clumsy).  The names are just anything I came up with one the spot to identify them. The compositions and everything else can change significantly.

#1 Snake Charmer
#2 Robo-bird and Chrysalis Face
#3 Mind Sucker

Remember, I’m not asking which is better, but rather which would you like to see get developed and put in color? Have a quick look at the 4 finished pieces in the series so far to help you decide.

Here’s the poll:

Thanks, and stay tuned to see which one gets manifested.

~ Eric


7 replies on “Which Sketch Would You Like To Be a Painting?

  1. The one on the side would be good; as an alternative the one in the middle is good. The one on the otherside less good but still pretty good and would be OK in a pinch. You pick.


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