I’ve made videos before, but this is more in a “vlog” style, which for me means it’s unscripted, and one go. In this first one I talk about my new series (so far), and doing practice paintings.

I could have edited out extraneous noises and whatnot, but, in the spirit of the new series, and getting things done, I’m leaving it a little more raw. I can do a better job next time. Which is also why I haven’t bothered to make a custom intro yet. But I do like the intro guitar riff. And my background music is sweet, if YouTube doesn’t have an issue with it (in which case I’ll remove that track).

And now back to work on a new image, which I hope to finish before going to sleep tonight, if possible. You can see a preliminary drawing in the video.

~ Ends

4 replies on “Art Vlog 001

  1. The most engrossing parts are the commentaries on the stuff you’ve drawn from and when you’re doodling. It would be interesting to see you drawing from something else from start to finish, speeded up perhaps, with commentary over the top.


    1. What about the Ronco commercial? I actually botched it, it should have said, “You wouldn’t vacuum your hair, would you?”

      I like the medium because it’s quick to do. Perhaps if I can’t talk about something extemporaneously I don’t really know it well enough.

      I could do a piece start to finish, but I don’t want to give away my whole process, er, before I have even an inkling of success. Otherwise, according to “great artists steal”, anyone with more money, connections, etc. (0f which I have very little) can just run with it. But I’ll show parts.

      I can definitely do that.

      Today I might do a rant about some crap I read in Hyperallergic about how “art is not transcendent and never has been”. According to the author, art is always political. Barf!

      But, a Vlog is almost like a video diary, as opposed to a more strict video like I’ve done in the past.

      Thanks for watching it.


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