One of these I already posted as finished, but I had a codicil that as I developed my skills in new areas, I’d go back and tinker with it. I also wanted to work on a series, in order to have a better chance of getting ANY recognition from the art world, but, I find that to maintain momentum and enthusiasm, I may need to have very loose boundaries. Further, I’m now finding I get a lot more work done per day if I mix things up, and work on more than one piece, and even in more than one style. This is kind of obvious. I can burn out on my more traditional realistic drawing pieces, but have energy for working in 3D, or one of my painterly pieces. You can see three styles below that I’m working on simultaneously.

The one below relies mostly on my traditional drawing skills which I developed primarily on my own as a teenager.  It will eventually go into color.


Here’s the original sketch the above is based on.


Here’s the revision of “Separation”


And here’s one I started nearly a half year ago, using my custom digital impasto style. Note that I’m not aware of anyone else who does anything like this.


The piece above started as a 3D model I created in Blender.

In order to come up with new imagery (style and content) I adopt and combine different approaches. The three pieces here have very different approaches, but I think you can still tell they are by the same person.

[If you’d like to see me finish these pieces, and make many more – I’ve also written over 50 articles about art which get hundreds of hits per day – please consider giving some small support. If a few hundred people would give me just one dollar a month I could continue working. It’s super easy to contribute, no risks, and just as easy to cancel. I’ve tried it myself.  See below.]

~ Ends

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