Eyeborg, August 2016.

Hi Folks. This was a “speed painting”, but I liked it well enough so touched it up a bit to add it to my gallery. It’s not my normal style, or I should say not really in the range of what I’ve already done, so adds a bit more eclecticism. I may never do anything quite like this again.

For example, here’s something I’m working on now. Uh, it started out as a speed painting, but it’s ending up being more of an unpremeditated, not-overly fussed over painting.

This one’s got a ways to go.

Meanwhile in the news, things suddenly took a nosedive where I’m living, just when I was actually telling people things are going good. Another government has stepped up their cracking down on expats. I’d say more but better not to stick my proverbial neck out.

The struggles of being a non-conformist artist. The intrinsic rewards are good, but the extrinsic ones suck.

Things should even out soon though, after this somewhat dramatic blip, and then I can focus more on art.




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