I think I watch a bit too much YouTube, but because I do I also know it’s probably the most popular  and successful way to share information online. And for every video about contemporary art, I’m guessing there are hundreds or thousands of written articles. Maybe there’s no audience for art criticism videos, especially if they are at all substantive and not just about why something sensationalist actually sucks. So, here’s my first attempt at a semi-ambitious video, excluding the two I made for my own pieces, which are much shorter. This one goes for just over a half hour. I’m just reading my blog post, and slipped in a lot of pictures, but it takes longer to read something out loud, and some of my writing is more convoluted to verbally articulate than to just read. There’s room for improvement in future videos.

One of the advantages of being an independent commentator is that I can use as many images as I want in my posts, and can make videos and also use as many images as I want. Most art criticism I see is much more limited, partly for reasons of format and consistency, and I imagine for legal reasons as well.

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2 replies on “Ai Weiwei, Refugee Vests, and the Inarticulateness of Conceptual Art: Video Version

  1. Superb. It’s like one of those TV docs that you catch by accident and then find yourself so drawn into it that you stop what you were doing. The use of text is great. I was visualising a text list at the beginning before you looked into each heading in detail, so when the first heading appeared I was glad of the anchor. If you’re going to continue doing these, I’d suggest a condenser mike to cut out the room reverb – it brings clarity and intimacy. You’ve done a lot with limited resources. I’d watch how the viewings go and try some shorter ones too. Are you going to revisit any previous critique posts?

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    1. I don’t know. I might. I’m working on a new article now that I’m intending to also do a video for. I think video (as in YouTube) is a much bigger audience than text (WordPress). I just use an old MP3 recorder, and then edit in Audacity.

      Just checked. It has 83 views and 3 likes. Not very good. But I think my new one might be more appealing. We’ll see.

      I could definitely do some older ones, and planned to do so, depending on time and whatnot.


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