work in progress.

MM3 is now in a staging stage. It doesn’t look good here, but it’s not supposed to. I just wanted to introduce the thought bubble. It’s actually sculpted. It will make sense when the whole thing is in 3D, with a background, and in color, and painted, if it works. But the idea is just to have a richly impasto element that’s somewhat incongruous with the rest, as if it were painted on top. So, I will angle the “mutant” but the bubble with be flat. I may add some drips. The respective sizes will change.

Here it is at an angle. Hmmmm.

With MM2 I did all the coloring in Photoshop after I was finished using Zbrush, but this time I’m going to attempt to color it in Zbrush. This is potentially better because the lighting is applied over the color, instead of fudging the living crap out of it in PS. I can also try the color on different materials and in different lighting situations.

In the film, the creature is bluish, and the veins are red. I’ll try to stick to that.

The thought bubble is incomprehensible, but represents cognition, and consciousness. But it also adds something that links it more to contemporary fine art painting.

Each new work I seem to like to tuck in some experimentation and expanding my horizons. Slows me down a lot, but then I get unexpected results.

We’ll see if I can pull this off.

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