Front and side view. This is something I’m experimenting with today, which I intend to incorporate into my next image. Of course I’ll want to do an entire image this way at some point. I don’t know how large a size my computer will handle – it’s just an ordinary laptop – or how forgiving this technique is, but there seems to be a lot of potential for very Expressionistic work.  It will take a LOT of experimenting and tinkering. Don’t ask me how I did it, and saying, “did you do it this way” is asking.

Theoretically, something like this can be 3D printed, as well.

3 replies on “Digital Impasto Experiment

  1. You could print it in 3D and then colour the white ceramic with some paint. Better still, you could 3D print it loads of times, and have a workshop full of minimum wage assistants colour the prints in for you!

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