It’s starting to look a lot more like the “This Island Earth” mutant it’s supposed to be based on. Since I last posted a progress report, er, I worked on the brain, the eye sockets, and getting all the cable-like veins on the body and head. I gotta’ put the eyeballs back in. I have to think a lot about the order I do things in, and I had to take the eyeballs out to run the cables over the rims of the eye sockets (which are just stacks of rings). Fortunately putting eyeballs in is painless.

Another view (and I added, uh, thorns on the upper claws.

I’m almost ready to rig it – which just means to put a primitive, stick-figure-like skeleton in it – and then I can actually pose it. I’m not going to want both arms in the exact same position, or both claws open.

early stage
It originally looked like this.

By the way if you are seeing this via my blog, and not WordPress reader, and you follow my blog, how do you like the new look? I haven’t changed my theme since the beginning, but I finally found one I like better, and it looks snappy on a mobile device. It’s most conspicuously different if you go to my homepage. Mmm, my girlfriend got a new smart phone, and I inherited the old one (joy!), so I can now start to use Instagram.

Oh, here’s what the original mutant from Metaluna looks like.

Oh, crap, gotta’ work on the arms and pincers a bit more, but that’s not too difficult. I’ve honed my skills a bit on this one, which is only my second attempt at my own sculpt with Zbrush.  A lot of people don’t accept my art as “fine art” because I work digitally, and not in some revolutionary way that has nothing to do with traditional painting and image-making. And sometimes I also feel a bit that way, though rarely. But when I use this kind of software, it’s really a new arena for fine art exploration. I know some blue chip artists hire digital sculptors to do their work, but it’s different doing it hands-on-stylus yourself. Later I’ll integrate it with my digital painting techniques.

Stay tuned.

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