MM#-underwayThis one’s based on the “mutant” from “This Island Earth”. The first two I made up, but I thought for a twist and to attract more people, for this one I’d use a recognizable 50’s monster. I’m just blocking out the basic form, then I’m going to “rig” it, so I can pose it. I’m going to try to get that contraption in the background one way or another.

This will be a full-color digital painting, much like the last one, which I think very few people saw because, well, only 7 people liked it here (over 80 liked it on a Facebook page). Supposedly I have over 1.600 followers, but I think that needs to be divided by 100. 16 seems about right.

Why does the monster have boobs, you’re wondering? It’s a trick to get the online art world to notice my work. It’s more about men than women. It’s also a bit of a joke or parody, and a critique of the art world, but, alas, I love ambiguity, so … er, I’m doing it with passion and commitment, so to speak.

Also, this is a RIDICULOUS monster. It has an enormous brain, but it’s stupid. It has multi segmented arms, but legs with just one joint at the knee. Nevertheless, it’s wicked cool.

~ Ends

2 replies on “Monster Maiden #3 underway.

    1. Yeah, it’s all shoulders. Y’know, I never heard that expression before. Or I forgot about it. I think the shoulders might have to do with getting a rubber costume on an actor. There’s that compromise between design and wearability.


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