Golgolon [12/2015], digital drawing, 25X30″ 300 dpi.
I thought the world needed a crucified alien with a UFO over it, obviously. I know what you’re thinking, “Just what I needed today!” I don’t really think that’s what you think. I wanted to knock this piece out, which I’ve been tinkering with for years.The anatomy, perspective, lighting, shading, and even the composition have proved difficult enough that I’ve given up on it several times and shelved it.

Detail of the head.

I”m sure this isn’t to a lot of people’s tastes, and for some like me, it just had to be said. Anyway, when I first share something I don’t like to give my intention, interpretation and whatnot. You get the cryptic title to play with, though it’s really just an afterthought, and I thought it should be suggestive, but vague.

For those that remember me saying I’m going to work on a series, this isn’t a part of it. I wanted to finish one thing before starting the series, so picked something that I thought made a statement. Y’know, the type of thing you see once and you don’t really forget, and maybe you puzzle over it a bit. Maybe not.

I may retouch it a bit at a later date, but I can’t really look at it anymore with fresh eyes, and I’m anxious to start the new series.

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