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  1. This is Interrogation 1 by Leon Golub. it needs to be cited as such. The title of your blog ‘Art of Eric Wayne’ implies that it is your artwork.


    1. I appreciate your concern and connoisseurship, but you can keep your pants on. This image is included in my article in which the caption is given as “Interrogation 1, 1981” and attributed to Leon Golub. Great painting by the way. You probably accessed it through an image search. There’s no way I know of to get to this page via my site without first going through the article in question. If you click on the image and look at the title bar, it even says, “interrogation-1-1981”. So, how did you get to this page?

      Definitely NOT trying to imply I did that work! I have no interest nor inclination in taking credit for anyone else’s work. Why, that’s against my principles, and I rather like my own work anyway. You might check out the article it is included in. https://artofericwayne.com/2015/11/19/dark-art-for-bright-people-16-artists/

      There you will see I fully credited Golub, and praised his art.



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