new-undknown-composotion-93-copyI don’t think I’ll share this again before it’s finished. Last time I share the negative space was becoming more important, and now the overall pattern is becoming more important. What keeps me interested in working on it is that it’s such a hybrid of abstraction and figuration. Because I refuse to deliberately delineate any recognizable form, all forms remain suggestions, and mutate in relation to each other. What seems like a whole thing will become a part of something else, and something in the background will become a solid figure, and then diminish again. It reminds me a lot of Hieronymus Bosch, the Surrealists (Tanguy, Matta, Ernst), and even Jackson Pollock because of the attention to the overall pattern and movement.

I think I’m getting near satisfied with the composition and whatnot, but then I have to enlarge it and hone the details one way or another, which I haven’t decided on yes. Finishing touches are usually the most laborious part though.

~ Ends

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