4 replies on “Cotton-Watts

  1. America has changed. The fact is not deniable. The entire country has moved 3 steps to the left. However, the left has to realize that their identity politics is making a lot of people resent minorities.
    Laws can change the dynamics of race, but you can’t change hearts and minds through calling everyone a racist.
    Cotton Watts performances should be preserved as a lesson of how things used to be. If totally erased, the same mistakes are destined to happen again.


    1. That all sounds pretty reasonable to me. The radical strain of leftism, that has former lifelong liberal jumping ship, is, in some ways, undoing hard-earned progress from the civil rights era. People are now thinking about themselves and others in glaringly racial terms, with the boldest outlines seen in generations. People are presently defining themselves first and foremost in terms of racial identity, and insisting that there are insurmountable differences between races that can’t be bridged with empathy, intelligence, understanding, or imagination. Personally, I think we were doing a lot better when we were NOT focusing on race, but on character, and when we recognized essentialism and biological determinism as the root cause of all racism, sexism, and other phobias and underpinnings of prejudice and discrimination.

      To me, this new variety of leftism is like the latest roll out of Windows. Think I prefer XP. People are going way too far, and embracing the very thing they are supposed to be against. We find people congratulating themselves on a moral pedestal for actively discriminating against innocent peo0ple because of their biology alone. All hail progress!


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