EUOF, digital painting, by Eric Wayne
EUOF, Digital Painting (36X48″ at 300 dpi, 121X91cm), 10/2015, by Eric Wayne.

When I first finish a piece I like to share it without commentary so people can form their own impression. Click on the image to see it in its own window, and sized for your monitor. Give it a moment to sink in. [I do think it’s one of my best pieces, and all around pretty awesome, but I may be a little biased.]

Here are a couple details at actual pixels to give you a sense of scale. This is a big image and prints out 3X4 feet at magazine cover high resolution. It can be printed twice as large for standard prints.

Soon I’ll do a comprehensive post about my process, the content, influence, meaning and so on.

For now here is a detail zoomed in.


And here are a couple fully zoomed in at actual pixels.

detail-1 detail-2

~ Ends

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