[Note: this is zoomed out.] I always intended to paint over this image, which I don’t think people generally do with their Blender files, and if so probably not in a “fine art” context. But I wasn’t sure if it would really work in a way that would improve the overall image. I knew it would look better up close, but it might lose something from a distance, especially in terms of the relationship between foreground and background. At this stage, however, it’s working, and I think it looks better. You can see areas on the left where I haven’t painted over it yet. I’m still working on the first layer of (digital) paint using one process, so it’s in a preliminary stage. I’m going to go over it using a different technique next. After that I might unify it again with a third method.

Each panel should take me about a week, and the resultant image will be printable at 12 feet wide (@ 180 centimeters wide and 90 high). I make my images as large and hi-rez as I can, so that they are suitable for being shown in a gallery. This isn’t the same thing as just enlarging an image. If you do that it will be all pixelated and look like crap. To have a high quality large print, you need to work with very large files on the computer. So, for example, you’d need a monitor 12 feet high and 25 feet wide to see the whole triptych at screen resolution. That would be an ideal way to view it as well.

Why do I bother to mention this technical crap? Well, most people like to dismiss digital art as merely what they can see on their smart phones, and then compare it to a physical painting framed on a wall in a museum. That’s not a fair comparison. You need to print out my art full scale, as it’s intended, and hang it next to a painting, and then you can do a fair comparison. This can be printed on metal with new technology, which given the subject might be very appropriate. So, try to imagine the triptych printed on metal, glistening, and 12 feet wide by 5 feet high (alternatively it could be printed on canvas or photo paper). You wouldn’t be able to fit yourself and it in a single selfie.

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