In its current state. CLICK TO SEE FULLSCREEN

I’m done with working on it in Blender, and now I’m making all sorts of adjustments in Photoshop. I couldn’t get the fire + smoke features to work in Blender to my satisfaction, so am going old school and photo-editing fire and smoke into the exploding robot head.

The two vertical lines separating the canvas into three are for reference, and not really a part of the image. I’m deciding how to modify my composition to best fit into three panels, so I can work on each separately as large as my computer can handle without slowing down significantly.

Each section will be 2 feet wide, so the whole thing will be 6 feet at 300 dpi. However, 150 dpi is fine for large images where you won’t have your nose against the canvas, so this should end up being presentable at 12 feet wide. I would love to see the final product printed on metal that size!

If you are reminded of Francis Bacon’s triptychs, you are right. It’s reminiscent of a lot of things, and hopefully resonates on multiple levels for people. The main subject is consciousness and its opposite, death. Here conscious robots are being annihilated by their creators…

I was vaguely apprehensive about trying to paint this (digitally), but I came up with a good technique combining techniques from Painter and ArtRage together that I think will work very nicely, though it will still be a lot of work to pull it off.

~ Ends

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