with-brain-partsYou’ll probably barely see any of the inside of the brain in the final image, but, it’s still fun to make something. I’d make it more elaborate if I didn’t know it would be invisible. I want to add some connecting wires, but it’s complicated because Bezier curves need to be separate objects from the rest (I already have 10 of them), and it could get tricky trying to manipulate them in the head. It would take much less time to just paint them in later.

Here you can see the components in the right hemisphere.

Oh yeah, this piece is going to be about robots, artificial intelligence, possible danger thereof…

2 replies on “Brain design

  1. Looking good and again really dig where it’s going! Can I ask you why no smoothing on the mesh? And the normal map on the last image 😛


    1. I might smooth some when it’s done. But it I smooth it now I won’t be able to edit it easily. I’m going to a somewhat home-made robot look, so I like the hard edges. They are easy to achieve in Blender, but extremely difficult to do by hand. I even like seeing all the edges highlighted. The one on the right just has a – I forget what it’s called – texture applied to it. It’s not assigned to it. There’s just an option to look at your model in any number of different modes. I mist them up here and there to see how it looks.


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