“Racial New Boring Shit”, by conceptual artist, Günter Groos. Stencil wall mural, 2014. CFA Gallery Berlin.

I’m speechless.

Here’s what was said in the German art magazine, Dorfzeitung, which I translated into English using Google translate.

First, I had this piece Groos has worked for 4 years as a more postmodern text panel. I laughed. I snorted. But I did not leave the show. Generations and artistic impact of the target, confusion, confusion, confuse. “Isms” radical and follow each other, so we know hardness and boring until the next radical breakthrough. Günter Groos revolution broke all previous tradition, and pulled the rug from under the feet of all the common ideas about the art. By symbol backflip, Groos artistic obsessions of a new awakening. For its part, declared that “silly dog feces” stickiness to escape the new self-confidence on the painting. However, through the prism and are not aware that in the past by credit admits he is desperate for work, and exploitation of all existence. With another exhibition visitors, I think this piece, as if fascinated.

I guess it’s a revolutionary new breakthrough in conceptual art, but also confusing, and has something to do with “silly dog feces” and stickiness.

~ Ends

9 replies on “The Radical New Boring Shit

    1. German isn’t the international language. Germans can speak English, but Americans, for example, can’t speak German. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be confused.


      1. Yah. Took me a while to figure it out. Now, if you went back to using that turbanned alter ego then I’d know right from the start that, “Uh oh! Here comes some serious Eric parody.”


      2. You mean J. Sri Bhagovwid? Yes, but he’s come up with some good lines. Anyway, I’ve also done a big chunk of parody and prank art criticism articles. On the right sidebar there’s a banner that says, “Art Prank Criticism”, and I think I’ve got all of them catalogued in there. Anyway, I do try to make them as convincing as possible, well, within reason.

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