An archival print of my “Human Fly” on the wall of a physics student at UCSB.

One of the funny things about my art is I haven’t seen any of my recent images in print. I made them to be very large prints, at high resolution, so they can be shown in a gallery setting with sharp detail (the one above is not a full-sized print, it can go larger). But I only see them zoomed in and out on my monitor, and visualize the whole image in detail only in my imagination. If I were rich, I’d print them all out, just to see how they look.

People have a tendency to think that because my art is digital, it only exists as pixels on a small screen. This is not true, which even this snapshot shows.

I’m looking forward to seeing some in print in person myself. Also, this image has been featured in an Art Magazine, which I have also never seen in person, because I live in Asia.

I’f you’d like to see more of this particular image, go here.

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