Older version on the left. A new awkward in between stage. Check out the new eye concept.

I didn’t like the placement of the eye, so extended the bottom of the canvas so I could move it over. I also cropped a little off the top, which I might put back in (forgot I did that). Good reason to lower the top half of the ship and bring everything down. Been working on making the top of the ship more reflective. The veins are just there as placeholders right now, but they aren’t modeled at all. There was that broken arm in the center of the image, and I felt that the perspective was impossible for it to be in front of that large claw. So, I had it break off and it’s floating in the upper right closer to us. There’s more horror going on in the pod in the middle, which I hope to keep relatively abstract and painterly. Still haven’t addressed that big w win the middle. The newer version looks less painterly, and that’s because of the processes I’m using to render the forms and reflections and whatnot. I’m working on 3D effects. Later, I intend to make it all look more like a drawing/painting.

This is part of my process: experimenting, ruining things, fixing them, and trying to find unexpected possibilities, then run with them.

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