The End Came Swiftly, by me. The B&W version is finished. The color one is under way.

And another reason I work digitally is because trial-and-error is a huge part of my process. Right now I’m experimenting with what sorts of colors work on this image. While putting it in color, though, new modifications are occurring as colors suggest new forms, like that dome in the center of the image that wasn’t there in the B&W version. Also made the eye gradations of colors with reflections.

When did I become a sci-fi artist. Never, but, it’s a theme I like to incorporate. I don’t even read sci-fi: the influence isn’t so much science fiction per se, but rather the kinds of movies I liked as a kid, and incorporating that imaginative universe into my own imagery. Some of my work shows the influence of Francis Bacon, Van Gogh, as well as the Outer Limits, and things like 70’s album covers

The final result should be a digital painting several feet wide in hi def. Oh yeah, there’s really quite a lot of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” in this.

Also, I wanted to put this one in color before I try putting the other one I’m working on in color, below. It’s still in the B&W process. These are similar to a lot of my other work, but much more similar to each other in terms of process and technique. They are both culled from my imagination, and evolve as they go along so that I can’t predict at any point what the finished product with look like. I’m surprised by how they turn out, because I don’t think I could have envisioned them on the front side.

EUOF in process. The B&W has a ways to go. Haven’t even dealt with any background at all, and the back of the robot just has some sketchy lines at this point. I have no idea what I’ll do with it. And that tube coming out of the back of it’s head needs a lot of work.

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