Here’s my feature on page 70 of the new edition of Direct Art.

My “Human Fly” was selected for the new yearly edition of Direct Art , which you can view online here. And hard copies are available here. Direct Art’s mission is to connect artists directly with the public. In their own words:

Direct Art was founded in 1999 as an alternative fine art magazine. The concept of Direct Art is to provide a direct connection between the artist and the public. The commentary in the magazine is written by the artists themselves, unfiltered by critical and/or curatorial analysis. In their own voice artists talk about their own work in a sincere and direct manner. The unique stylistic vision of Direct Art sets it apart from traditional art magazines. Rather than following current art market standards and trends, Direct Art follows it’s own vision. It’s vision is focused on the unique creativity of each individual artist. As such it is not to be labeled or described, only to be experienced. 

Direct Art is published annually by SlowArt Productions and is released in the fall of each year. It is distributed to a world wide audience in digital and POD (print on demand) formats.

I’ve put “The Human Fly” and all my other work on sale (20% off of my markup above production costs) for the rest of October here. Use the discount code: BHSSAL

To learn a lot more about “The Human Fly”, including seeing a lot of close ups. go here.

And below is a gallery with details:


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